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(journalist, researcher)
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Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Owner ofNatural News
Interests • health
• fake news
The "HealthRanger", owns and runs Natural News

Mike Adams, the "HealthRanger", owns and runs Natural News and is the founder of the video streaming service Brighteon.[1]


Mike Adams was born in 1967.[2]


He has been called an "über-quack", and his site, the "#1 worst anti-science website".[3]


In March 2018, YouTube removed all videos from Mike Adams' "Health Ranger" channel - over 1700 videos.[4] In April 2019, he reported reported that Natural News had been de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube and Google, with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook.[5]


A Quote by Mike Adams

"Fake News"“CNN is the ultimate "fake news" network. There isn't a day that goes by where CNN doesn't deliberately fake a news story, distort a significant event for political purposes, or censor an important piece of news they don't want their viewers to discover.”19 November 2016Natural News
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