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(soldier, spook, pilot)
BornDavid Michael Alexander Hollaway
Indianapolis, Indiana
A friend of Andy Straßmeir who flew him out of USA after the 1995 OKC Bombing.

Attorney Dave Hollaway (or Dave Holloway) is a name that is mentioned in connection with Andy Straßmeir and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. World Net Daily reported that he is an "individual whose life experiences appear to be as unusual as they are conflicted."[1]


He was born in 1956 in Indiana. He obtained a B.S. in Aviation Engineering in 1980 and a B.S. in Molecular Biology in 1995.[2]


He has worked in a spookily wide range of careers, including 8 years with the US Army Special forces. He also worked for the Texas Police department and for two years as a pilot for the CIA.[3]

Oklahoma City bombing

Hollaway stated that Andy Straßmeir stayed with him for a time and had Timothy McVeigh's Army fatigues with him. Although McVeigh’s name had been ripped from the clothing, his initials were still on the clothing, and the shirt carried the patch for McVeigh’s unit, the “Big Red One.”[4]

A 1997 FBI report about Holloway notes that, "At one point during their discussions, Hollaway admitted to have spoken to Timothy McVeigh on the telephone two days before the detonation of the truck bomb outside the Oklahoma City federal building. "In reference to that particular event, Hollaway stated, "(T)he fucking truck was too far away," and indicated it was not parked in the position which would inflict most damage on the building."[3] Asked for Hollaway's reaction to the document, his attorney Kirk Lyons stated that: "Hollaway has never met or talked to McVeigh.""[1]

Straßmeir's escape

An FBI investigation noted that Hollaway "flew STRASSMIRE [sic.] back to Berlin, Germany after the Oklahoma City Bombing".[2] Other writers have suggested that this was via Mexico.[5][6]


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