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Please feel free to contact me on my user discussion page.
This is MY page to share info about myself, my projects, lists, and musings.
It may get messy but it's MY bipolar space.

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The ultimate truth:
All governments are inherently evil, corrupted, secretive, manipulative, divisive, exploitative, abusive, violent, and excessively murderous, with (s)elected puppet "leaders" rigging all entwined systems to serve psychotic Machiavellian elites for full spectrum dominance waged upon their own citizens with their media-military-bankster-industrial-corporatocracy.

https://Projex.Wiki is up and running, for any kind of project that is not encyclopedic (as that's been done many times over). That is my main only focus. Perhaps eventually we can draft up an article on Projex.Wiki?

Welcome to the Jason Carswell (as "JasonCarswell") User Spaces on:

The following lists are just rough brainstorming that will be discussed, expanded upon, and/or refined over time. None of this means anything until something actually happens with them. This page is my rough scratch pad for making notes. DO NOT EDIT. But please feel free to discuss anything you like on my talk page.

To Do 2023


My 2021 Blog of ideas, projects, and events will be mirrored on WikiSpooks (/2021_Blog) and InfoGalactic (2021 Blog) on the chance that magnora7 bans me again from

My WikiSpooks article wish list

Articles that do not yet exist but should:

My WikiSpooks archive

My WikiSpooks archive

WikiSpooks user since 2016-08-16.

WikiSpooks active user since 2019-12-31.

My WikiSpooks goals

My WikiSpooks goals

Hopefully this list may evolve into something worthy for public consumption, not just this vanity-page/to-do-list.

My WikiSpooks efforts

My WikiSpooks efforts

My WikiSpooks indie-projects

My indie-projects, soon on WikiSpooks

All help and constructive criticisms are very welcome, on my user discussion page.


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