Globalization of tyranny

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IMF background

The International Monetary Fund, or IMF was created in Bretton Woods, New Jersey as means of globally unifying the world banking system. To clarify the previous statement: the IMF does not attain global unification through joint unity. Instead the IMF reins to unilateral homogeneity. To better clarify this we must define the IMF's role.

IMF role

The IMF plays a huge role in subtly undermining the economies of sovereign countries. This is how it's done: the IMF lends its loans to countries in severe economic crisis. For these loans, the IMF then demands solvency measures. Solvency measure include structural adjustment policies and the privatization of public assets. Thus transferring power to (US-foreign) corporate interests. Countries are unable to cope with solvency measures for which the IMF uses as criteria to demand the enforcement of austerity policies. Austerity policies_ These are then passed down to the middle and lower classes precipitating total economic collapse. For what reason is the IMF willing to undermine the sovereignty of nations? And better yet, for whom?

IMF relation

Do reference my previous Wikispooks post on US hegemony and proxy warfare. The answer is the US. Though the IMF claims no connection via externality, there are three main point that underscore this: 1) All IMF monetary exchange rates are fixed around the US dollar. 2) The US demanded the right to be informed on the economic status of all IMF members. 3) IMF voting rights were assigned by amount of contributions paid; US paid most. It seems highly suggestive that the IMF is run in accordance to the quest for US imperialism and has thus far succeeded.


The IMF, as stated in the 1st paragraph, believes unilateral homogeneity is the best way to unite the world banking system. They're correct, of course, if you're looking to assert the hegemonic United States's sphere of influence. The IMF is simply a clever guise from which to wage proxy war. So much for kindness.


Austerity policies_