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Wikispooks is only very occasionally reported by commercially-controlled media.


In April 2019, around 60% of pages were categorised as stubs (poor quality).[1] Tireless work by our editors has reduced this proportion although the number of pages has risen steadily. The proportion of stubs went below 50% in June 2021, 40% in May 2022 and in March 2024 it went below 1/3 for the first time. Just over 60% of our pages now have descriptions, up from around 1/3 in March 2021.

2 January

Sharing on Facebook about Andy Stewart, whom Maria Farmer termed the "holy grail" of the Epstein affair, who reportedly died suddenly in his sleep in 2020[2] broke the one day visit record, with 4,100 visitors to his page and 3,865 visits to the list of passengers on the Lolita Express, bringing the total number of visitors to 10,931.[3]


This year saw the rolling out of large language models to the public. The site received increasing traffic from bots crawling the machine-readable (semantic) data which has been accruing here since it was introduced in 2013.


2022 so far has been a busy year. February was the second busiest month in the site's history, with over 3000 visits/day. The page count has climbed only slowly, as we've continued to focus on improving page quality rather than quantity, and the percentage of pages with descriptions surpassed 53%, while the proportion of stubs is now below 39%. The site's lists of WEF Young Global Leaders and WEF Global Leaders for Tomorrow were the most highly trafficked pages from January through July.

A record low bounce rate for the site in early May 2022


The site surpassed 30,000 pages.


A busy month after the Malone Institute linked in the site as a source for its lists of WEF Global Leaders for Tomorrow and WEF Young Global Leaders.


As awareness of the role of the Bilderbergers and WEF in COVID-19 has grown, so has traffic to the WEF/GLT and WEF/YGL pages. The site had 112,267 visits this month, the second busiest month ever, behind May 2020.

28 February

Widespread sharing of a links on telegram, especially to WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1993, lead to the busiest ever day from Germany, with a total of 1,155 visits from that country (20%). It also meant that February 2022, with a grand total of 99,298 visits, was the busiest month since July 2020, and the 4th busiest to date.

21 February

A fix to Template:Concept pushed the proportion of pages without descriptions below 50% for the first time ever, down from 55% at the start of the year. The average visit length so far this year is 260s, up from 203s last year.

18 January

Search traffic on 25 January 2022

The site has had a busy month so far; both the number of visitors and the length of visits continues to rise. Average visit length in 2021 was 203 seconds, a 50% increase over 2020, and visit length is continuing its upward trajectory in 2022.


Record average visit length in 2021.png

In 2021, most editors have concentrated on improving the quality of existing pages rather than adding new ones. The year saw a steady rise in both average visit length and #pageviews/visit.

20 November

Today we concluded the Institute for Statecraft/Integrity Initiative documentation project. Each 157 of the documented members of this deep state faction has a page of their own, and there is a page for each of the Integrity Initiative Leaks, and one for each leaked document.

10-17 November

Some hours after this page linked to the site[4], Wikispooks was forced offline by a week long DDoS attack. The webhost reported it as 24Gb/s.

20 October

2021-10 increasing time per visit.png

A look at average visit time monthly shows that average visit length is now just under 4 minutes, almost twice what it was in November 2019.

24 September

4.7 actions per visit.png

Until 2021, actions/visit was generally less than 3, and never more than 4. Commensurate with this year's focus on improving page quality, today had an unprecedented 4.7 actions/visit.

4 August

The site now has 10,000 pages with descriptions. (Only 15,000 to go ...) Descriptions are particularly useful, since they automatically appear in multiple pages, so adding one description can improve many pages at once.

26 July

As if to underline yesterday's thought, the site was offline for 8 hours after an unidentified technical problem believed unrelated Cyber Polygon.

25 July

Today the proportion of pages with a description passed 40%, for the first time ever. Congratulations all round![5] The backup file reached 10GB today, which is not all that big nowadays - all supporters are encouraged to download regular backups in case the site goes offline for any reason, which looks not unlikely in these uncertain times.

10 July

The first recorded day in which this site had more referrals from DuckDuckGo than Google.

The live statistics revealed censorship by Google, steadily increasing over the last few years, now at record levels - more visitors from DuckDuckGo than Google, probably for the first time ever.

1 July

Crowdfunding covered the webhosting bill of Wikispooks for the first time ever.

21 June

For the first time in many years, the proportion of stub pages on the site went below 50%, at around 11,500 pages!

In Spring 2021, Google is believed to have stepped up its censorship of this site; at the start of the year, around 1/2 of the site's traffic came from Google, by mid year, that proportion had shrunk to around 1/4.

17 February

The proportion of pages with a description surpassed 1/3 for the first time ever.[6]


The site had 84170 visitors in January, after which it was subjected to increasing censorship by Google.

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