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"“Conspiracy Theorist”"
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Born Mae Magnin
May 29, 1922
Beverly Hills, California
Died October 3, 1988 (Age 66)
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
Alma mater Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley
Religion Judaism
Children • Bonnie Brussell
• 4 others
Parents • Edgar Magnin
• Evelyn Magnin
Interests • deep state
• deep politics
• deep events
• assassinations
• Larry McDonald
• JFK Assassination
A renowned researcher and investigative journalist in the field of deep politics.


Mae was the daughter of a Wilshire Temple Rabbi and granddaughter of I. Magnin of the I. Magnin clothing stores, Mae grew up in comfort. She married and had five children.


Mae Brussel was suspicious about the JFK Assassination and she bought the 26 volume set of Warren Commission documents. She came to plot the patterns, interconnections and vast other gross criminalities which were the shadow thrown by the cabal who had committed the assassination.

Radio Show

Mae Brussel began regular radio broadcasts of a show that featured her research. She became so effective by naming names and putting together the pieces of the horror puzzle, that she received death threats one of which was from Sandra Good from the Manson family.

Tragedy and threats

On December 16, 1970, Mae's daughter Bonnie Brussell was killed in a car accident which Mae believed was a warning to her. Other threats were made when she linked elements of the U.S. military to satanic cults and practices. These death threats eventually took their toll and she ceased radio broadcasting but continued producing to make shows in her home and mail them to subscribers.

Resumption of broadcasting

She went back to regular broadcasts in 1983 at KAZU in Pacific Grove California concluding on June 13, 1988. Her work was featured in the publication The Realist which was secretly financed by John Lennon.

Spectacular Predictions

The accuracy of Mae Brussel's research is testified to by the accuracy of some of her predictions.

Trouble in Jonestown

Mae Brussel in August 1977 (Broadcast #282) discussed Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple's move to Guyana. She speculated it might be a training camp for assassination teams. This was more than a year before 913 members of the church were massacred on November 18, 1978.[1]

Trouble in Reagan's government

On March 29, 1981, much of Mae's broadcast was spent discussing the power- struggle within the Reagan Administration and asked who will kill off their team members first. The following morning President Reagan was shot in Washington D.C..[1]

RFK Assassination

On May 29, 1968 Mae confronted Rose Kennedy at the Monterey Peninsula Airport and handed her a note telling her Robert F. Kennedy would soon be assassinated. A week later he was shot to death at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.[1]

The "War on Terror"

Mae Brussell predicted the "War on Terror", writing in 1974 "We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and “predictions” that have already been planned to come true."[2][1]


Whilst in the midst of a far-reaching investigation into the Presidio child molestation case Mae was hit with a fast-onset cancer and died on October 3, 1988; she was 66 years old. Mae Brussell once remarked "There is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. Don't die before you're dead." [1]