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(journalist, filmmaker)
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NationalityUK, Sweden
Alma materWestminster School, Bristol University
Interests • Deep state
• cold war
• propaganda
• assassinations
• JFK Assassination

Pelle Neroth Taylor is a Swedish-British journalist, filmmaker and political writer, author of five books, who resides in Sweden. Areas of expertise: writing about Deep State, cold war, propaganda, political assassinations, politics of the new European populism.[1]


Educated at Westminster School, and Bristol University. Pelle Neroth had a career in journalism.


Taylor worked as an editor at The Guardian, the Independent on Sunday and the Times. His journalism has been published in the Financial Times, the European, Africa Today, the Sunday Times, New Scientist, the Lancet and the Economist.


On 26 March 2019, Pelle Neroth Taylor tweeted to Patrick Haseldine:

"Hello. My name is Pelle Neroth and I wrote an ebook on Olof Palme.[2] Fascinated by the nearly untold story of Palme's crown prince, Bernt Carlsson. I know a lot about SA trail with regards to Palme. Any evidence for a Lockerbie SA link? It's an obvious lead."[3]

In his reply, Haseldine suggested that Pelle Neroth Taylor should simply Google "Bernt Carlsson Wikispooks" to find extensive evidence linking apartheid South Africa to the targeting of Bernt Carlsson on Pan Am Flight 103.[4]


Nigel Barnett gave the book a one star review:

"Even for a self-published book, this is a short, sketchy, abysmally badly written book which is also very badly produced. It is like the author had written it in Swedish and then translated it into English using Google-translate or some similar service."

Göran Björkdahl commented:

Dear Mr Barnett, I note that you have commented on several books about the Palme assassination. An intruiging case, isn't it? Since you seem to have some knowledge about the case and also about South African intelligence, it would be interesting to hear your views about Jan Bondeson's "Blood on the snow". He seems to be one of those who first argued in favor of the "meeting scenario" and I think it's one of the best books published about the case. I suggest that you respond to my email . Hope to hear from you. Rgds, Göran [5]


Pelle Neroth talks about his book "Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural"
Pelle Neroth talks about his book "Brexit: American Empire, EU"


Pelle Neroth Taylor runs a documentary film company called Two Raven Films, specialising in political and current affairs topics, including Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural. He says:

"The excellent news is that we have sold the documentary to the world’s second largest streaming service and Netflix’s chief competitor, Amazon Prime, so it can now be seen for free by 80 million American subscribers on their television sets and tablets. Sharing space with the latest Hollywood films and documentaries made with budgets far exceeding ours, we are rather pleased. The backing from Amazon – who stand as co-producers – gives us enormous prestige and credibility and the deal is non-exclusive in Europe at least, allowing us to reach out to TV companies here. My book on Swedish immigration policy is being updated and will be linked to the documentary."[6]

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