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Group.png United States Marshals Service   WebsiteRdf-icon.png
Abbreviation USMS
Formation September 24, 1789
Parent organization US/DOJ
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia
Leader Director of the U.S. Marshals Service
Type police
Subgroups • US Marshals Chief of Staff
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Financial Services Division
• Office of Internal Communications
• Office of General Counsel
• Office of Professional Responsibility
• Training Division
• Human Resources Division
• Information Technology Division
• Office of Public and Congressional Affairs
• Management Support Division
• Asset Forfeiture Division
• Judicial Security Division
• Investigative Operations Division
• Witness Security Division
• Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System
• Tactical Operations Division
• Special Operations Group
• Prisoner Operations Division
The oldest law enforcement body in the US.


The office of United States marshal was created by US President George Washington signing the Judiciary Act into law on September 24, 1789. The Act provided that the United States marshal's primary function was to execute all lawful warrants issued to him and under the authority of the United States. The US Marshals Service itself was created as a federal agency in 1969.

Radar Surveillance

The United States Marshals service has been using hand held radars which can "see through walls" since at least 2012. Originally developed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are sensitive enough to detect human breathing within 50 feet.[1]


Stacia Hylton was appointed Director of the United States Marshals Service in 2010, nominated by Barack Obama and confirmed on December 22, 2010.[2][3] She has been accused of being part of the Government-industry revolving door, specifically for her ties to the Corrections Corporation of America.[4] A November 2010 CounterPunch article wrote:

During Hylton’s tenure as the Federal Detention Trustee, GEO Group, the nation’s second-largest for-profit private prison company, was awarded a number of lucrative contracts to house federal prisoners. These included a sole-source ten-year contract at GEO’s Western Region Detention Facility in San Diego, generating approximately $34 million in annual revenue; a 20-year contract to operate the 1,500-bed Rio Grande Detention Center in Laredo, Texas with an estimated $34 million in annual revenue; and a 20-year sole-source contract to manage the Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility in Lovejoy, Georgia, generating $16-20 million in annual revenue.[5]


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