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(Premature death)
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Born1 August 1927
Flémalle, Belgium
Died18 July 1991 (Age 63)
Liège, Belgium
Victim ofassassination
PartyBelgian Socialist Party
A leading Belgian Socialist is gunned down in 1991. The second political assassination in Belgium’s history.

André Cools was a Belgian politician who was assassinated in 1991. He was a senior member of the Walloon Socialist Party.


He was the Belgium/Finance Minister and the Belgium/Deputy Prime Minister.


Assassination of André Cools: French Wikipedia article

He and his partner were shot at by two gunmen as they were leaving an apartment block.[1]

After his death, the Agusta scandal came to light. MP Alain Van der Biest was indicted and imprisoned for several months. He committed suicide in 2002.

In 1998, two Tunisians were sentenced.

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