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Ecuador (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Ecuador.svg
LocationSouth America
LeaderPresident of Ecuador
Typenation state
Member ofInternational Criminal Court, Organisation of American States, UN
Offered asylum to Julian Assange.

Ecuador is a nation state in South America.

Political asylum

Ecuador offered political asylum to Julian Assange, who was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for some years.

Rights of nature

Ecuador was the first nation state to recognize Rights of Nature in its constitution.[1]


Groups Headquartered Here

Catholic University of Guayaquil1962Claims to be the leading university in Ecuador
Central University of Ecuador1620Most national politicians have studied or worked here
University of Guayaquil1883Traditionally left-wing politically active students


Citizens of Ecuador on Wikispooks

Carlos Julio Arosemana24 August 19195 March 2004Ecuadorian president toppled in CIA-supported coup
Rafael Correa6 April 1963
Rosalia Arteaga Serrano5 December 1956WEF YGL 1997 Ecuadorian lawyer politician


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