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Lillehammer assassination (assassination) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date21 July 1973
LocationLillehammer,  Norway
ParticipantsNorway/Stay behind, “The Fourth Service”
PerpetratorsMossad, Zvi Zamir, Michael Harari
DefendantsAnnæus Schjødt
DescriptionIn 1973 Mossad assassinated a Moroccan citizen in Lillehammer,Norway.

The Lillehammer affair was the assassination by Mossad agents of Ahmed Bouchikhi,[1] a Moroccan waiter and brother of the renowned musician Chico Bouchikhi,[2] in Lillehammer, Norway, on 21 July 1973.

Official narrative

The operation was revenge for the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympic. The Israeli agents had mistaken their target for Ali Hassan Salameh, the chief of operations for Black September.

Six of the Mossad team of fifteen were captured and convicted of complicity in the killing by the Norwegian justice system in a major blow to the intelligence agency's reputation.

Problems with official narrative

If the Lillehammer operation had been as big a scandal as the"wrong man" theory implies, why were the perpetrators promoted instead of resigning in disgrace? Mossad chief Zwi Zamir, who was in Norway during the operation, was retired after normal service, and Mike Harari continued as head of Mossad secret operations after even being a member of an "investigation committee". Dan Erbel became Mossad chief in Paris and later head of Tsafririm, Mossad's unit for building and managing Jewish defense groups worldwide, including Norway.

According to the newspaper VG: "The theory that the liquidation at Lillehammer 21. July was poorly planned and amateurishly executed is now being revalued. Police no longer believe the Israeli terrorist group took the 'wrong man' when Moroccan waiter Ahmed Bouchiki was gunned down. All indications are that Bouchiki's death sentence had been handed down long in advance at a high-level intelligence agency in Tel Aviv. VG is informed that everything indicates that the Israeli agents had handed down the death sentence over Ahmed Bouchiki long before the first of the liquidation groups set foot in this country. The death sentence was reportedly handed down at high intelligence sources in Tel Aviv… The fact is ... that the operation on Lillehammer has been far more thoroughly planned than initially assumed. The fact that the group rents an apartment in Bærum - before the action was initiated - is undoubtedly a confirmation of this."[3]


Known Participant

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"The Fourth Service"
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