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"Muslim terrorist, “lone nut”?"
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Born22 December 1992
Tataouine, Tunisia
Died23 December 2016 (Age 24)
Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Cause of death
Victim ofassassination
Supposed perpetrator of2016 Berlin attack
Supposed perpetrator of the 2016 Berlin attack, termed "Not independently notable" by Wikipedia.

Anis Amri was a Tunisian who reportedly carried out the 2016 Berlin attack by driving a truck at customers in a Christmas market in Berlin.

Official narrative

Amri was "radicalised" in an Italian jail and carried out the 2016 Berlin attack with the backing of ISIL. After carrying out the attack, he was the subject of a manhunt and was shot by Italian police. Amri features in a video in which he pledes allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, vowing “we will slaughter... crusaders who are shelling the Muslims every day.”[1]

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Wikipedia page

On 21 December 2016‎, Amri was given a Wikipedia page that redirected to the Berlin attack. This was upgraded to a full page, but was reverted since he was termed "Not independently notable".

Amri's friends

On 8 April 2018 six people were arrested among whom some were friends of Amri's, for planning a knife attack on a sports event in Berlin.[2] They were all released after no evidence was found that they were planning a terror attack.[3]