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Group.png Atlantic Institute
(Think tank)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FormationJanuary 1, 1961
HeadquartersParis, France
Intereststransatlantic, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Council
Sponsored byThe Ford Foundation
Membership• George Catlin
• John J. McCloy
• Theodore Achilles
• Martin J. Hillenbrand
• George Baring
• Kasım Gülek
• Olivier Giscard d'Estaing
• Paul van Zeeland
• Henry Cabot Lodge Jr
• John Tuthill
• Pierre Uri
Transatlantic think tank with similar goals to the Trilateral Commission, operational 1961-1988.

This article is about Atlantic Institute for International Affairs. For the spooky Gülenist front organization also called "Atlantic Institute", see Alliance for Shared Values.

The Atlantic Institute (full name, Atlantic Institute for International Affairs) was an independent, non-governmental institute that promoted economic, political, and cultural relations among NATO alliance members and the international community in general. Based in Paris, France, it was founded in 1961 and closed in 1988.[1]

The institute was approved by the NATO Parliamentarians Conference in June 1959 and opened formally on January 1, 1961. Former Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland was the first Chairman of the institute, while Henry Cabot Lodge became Director-General later that year. Headquarters initially were at the Hôtel de Crillon, site of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Funding of $250,000 over five years was supplied by the Ford Foundation, with a further $800,000 given between 1969 and 1973.[2]

In 1978, talks were held to consider a merger between the Atlantic Institute and the Trilateral Commission, a similar private institution promoting American, European, and Japanese cooperation,[3] but no merger proceeded.

On July 12, 1984, the offices of the Institute were bombed by the left-wing guerrilla group Action directe, who described the institute as an imperialist organization working for NATO.[4]

Notable members


Employee on Wikispooks

John TuthillDirector-general19691976


The Ford FoundationIn addition to its own billionaire agenda, also known to have been $$$ middleman for covert CIA funding.


Known Participants

7 of the 11 of the participants already have pages here:

Theodore AchillesVery closely connected to the creation NATO
Rowland Baring
Olivier Giscard d'EstaingFrench businessman with other connections. Brother of president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
John J. McCloyUS deep politician, Warren Commission, CFR Chair for 17 years, President of the World Bank ...
John TuthillActive in developing the Marshall Plan's OEEC. Appointed United States Ambassador to Brazil 3 months after attended the 1966 Bilderberg
Pierre UriFrench economist who played a key role in the development of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, setting up the European Economic Community, the precursor to the European Union. Attended Bilderberg 1963, Bilderberg 1969 and Bilderberg 1975.
Paul van ZeelandPre-WW2 Prime Minister of Belgium, 6 Bilderbergs in the 1950s


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