2022 French presidential election

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Date10 April 2022
DescriptionThe presidential election in France was a referendum on Macron.

The 2022 French presidential election was held on 10 and 24 April; deep state operative Emmanuel Macron (YGL/2012) was re-elected as President of France.



On 27 August 2021, Michel Barnier launched his campaign.[1] He was eliminated from the primary.

In December 2021, candidates Marine Le Pen visited Mayotte and Jean-Luc Mélenchon visited Guadeloupe. Opposition to vaccine mandates and vaccine passports is a leading issue in the overseas departments.[2]


Some observers noted that during the final ballot between Macron and Le Pen, television broadcasts at the beginning showed results that were slightly in favor for Le Pen; at the end of the counting her numbers seemed to have decreased compared to the initial numbers given. In addition, absentee ballots for the Le Pen vote have been recognized for having been cut all in the same way, which may has been used to declare these ballots invalid later.[3]

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