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Group.png High Council on Public Health (France)  
(Public health agency)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Logo Haut Conseil de la santé publique.png
Formation9 August 2004
HeadquartersParis, France
Membership• Franck Chauvin
• Zeina Mansour
• Thierry Lang
• Élisabeth Monnet
• François Vialla
• Christian Chidiac
• Virginie Halley des Fontaines
• Francelyne Marano
• Philippe Michel
Responsible for providing decision support to the Minister of Health. Its extraordinary recommendations have played a big role in the implementation of the Covid-19 deep event in France.

Not to be confused with the High Authority of Health (France)

The High Council on Public Health (French:Haut Conseil de la santé publique; HCSP) is responsible for providing decision support to the Minister of Health by producing health reports and making recommendations. Its input has played a central role in the Covid-19 deep event in France,

The HCSP is made up of members of senior civil servants, leaders of standing special committees and some other appointed individuals.


Its missions are[1]:

  • to contribute to the development, annual monitoring and multi-year evaluation of the national health strategy;
  • to provide the public authorities, in conjunction with the health agencies and the High Authority for Health, with the expertise necessary for the management of health risks as well as for the design and evaluation of prevention and health security policies and strategies ;
  • to provide the public authorities with forward thinking and advice on public health issues;
  • to contribute to the development of a comprehensive and concerted child health policy;
  • It can be consulted by the ministers concerned, by the chairmen of the competent parliamentary committees and by the chairman of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Health Policies on any question relating to prevention, health security or the performance of the health system.


The High Council for Public Health comprises a joint group, four specialized commissions and two permanent working groups[2]:

  • the infectious diseases and emerging diseases committee, its chairman is Christian Chidiac;
  • the chronic diseases commission;
  • the environmental risks committee;
  • the patient health and safety system commission;
  • the standing working group on comprehensive and concerted child health policy;
  • the permanent national health strategy and indicators working group.

The joint group ('college') is made up of ex officio senior civil servants, the presidents of the specialized committees and ten qualified individuals.

Role during the Covid-19 deep event in France

The HCSP is at the origin of a number of opinions concerning how to implement measures during the Covid-19 deep event, in particular at the request of Health Minister Olivier Véran, guiding the government's action. These extraordinary invasive measures were stated to be for health reasons:

  • Recommendation on types of masks, without alternative, including for asthmatics (July 2021)[3].
  • Recommendation of reusable fabric masks[4] , including, systematically, in families[5], indoors and in higher education establishments (August 2020)[6].
  • Home made masks not recommended, recommendation of a physical distance of two meters. Category 1 masks recommended from the age of six (January 2021).[7]
  • Maintenance of strict health rules in nursing homes[8]. However, the HCSP undertakes to authorize, in the long term, outdoor outings[9]. According to the Council of State, non-vaccinated elderly people are however still assigned to their establishment (March 2021)[10].
  • Adaptation of barrier gestures for vaccinated people[11], considering that they can abandon the mask in a closed and private indoor environment[12][13], provided that two doses of vaccine have been administered (April 2021).[14]
  • Windows open five minutes per hour, at the end of ventilation[15]. Visors are not recommended as a replacement for wearing a mask, but can be considered as a supplement (May 2021).[16]
  • Extension of the health pass to schools (July 2021).[17]


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