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40th anniversary of the Russian revolution.jpg
Missiles being shown off at the 40th anniversary of the Russian revolution



1957 was one of only two years in which more than one Bilderberg conferences took place (the other was 1955). The first was the Bilderberg/1957 February conference, the second the Bilderberg/1957 October conference.

40th anniversary of the Russian revolution

"Up to that point, no western journalist had managed to get pictures of the October anniversary parade (no foreigners were allowed to take part in the parade) but Erwitt tagged along with a Soviet TV crew and managed to pass five security lines, setting up his camera right by Lenin’s mausoleum: “Although I was questioned by a guard, I was able to convince them that I belonged to the parade. I shot three or four quick rolls and then raced to my hotel room a few blocks away, where I processed them in the bath.”"[1]



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Operation Paperclip
Cold War
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Mau Mau Uprising
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Bilderberg/1957 February
Bilderberg/1957 October

New Groups

Allied Clandestine CommitteeGroup.png1 January 1957 - PresentTerrorist
Secret society
Deutsche BundesbankPresse bundesbanklogo.png1957 - Present
Intelligence Research UnitGroup.png1957 - PresentMilitary
Office of Public SafetyGroup.png1957 - 1974
Labour Friends of IsraelLfoi.png1957 - PresentLobby
Pugwash ConferencesThinkers' Lodge Today.jpg1957 - Present
Al Mukhabarat Al A'amahGroup.png1957 - PresentIntelligence agency

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