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Bases with military.

A military base is a facility directly owned and operated by or for the military or one of its branches that shelters military equipment and personnel, and facilitates training and operations. It can be above or below ground. A military base provides accommodations for one or more units, but it may also be used as a command center, training ground or proving ground, official or unofficial ('black') prison, for intelligence purposes like regime changes, or smuggling of drugs, operatives, 'freedom fighters', weapons etc. The fenced off area combined with military administration makes bases ideal for off-the-book operations.

Military bases abroad serve to dominate a country, region or strategic waterway, as staging areas for invasions or regime changes, securing access to natural resources, especially oil, and is normally either de facto or de jure exempt from the policing powers of the host country.

Notable bases in the United States

MOST Secret Bases - Governments DON'T Want you Knowing About

Fort Detrick, MA is the main center for US biological warfare research.

Fort Benning, GA is where Latin-American military officers get training at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly known as the School of the Americas - and get recruited by the CIA for future coups!)

Military Bases Abroad

Per 2019, around a dozen countries have military bases abroad; The United States is the country with by far the biggest number of a bases with over 1000 bases in at least 63 countries. Apart from Russia with 6 bases, most of the other countries with foreign bases are part of the NATO-alliance, like the United Kingdom (at least 8 countries + several residue imperial outposts) and France (at least 9).

The United States

The US Military has at least a 1000 bases in 63 countries. In total, there are 255,065 US military personnel deployed Worldwide, in addition to civilian employees, mercenaries and off-the-book operatives. These facilities include a total of 845,441 different buildings and equipments. The underlying land surface is of the order of 30 million acres.[1]

In addition to official bases, there are unofficial 'ghost bases' and temporary 'lily pads' mini-bases, especially in Africa.

A complete list of US bases is impossible to make, but central ones include Ramstein in Germany, Okinawa in Japan, Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo (Serbia). The most strategic of all is Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Central SIGNINT bases include Sigonella in Italy and Pine Gap in Australia.

Guantanamo Bay is a military base and black prison, nominally on Cuban territory.


The French presence is concentrated in its former colonies in West Africa, where for the last 50 years, the bases have secured continued French control over the area and its rich resources. The region's monetary system, the CFA-franc, controlled by the French national bank, has been kept in place by a hard French hand.

Thanks to the French military dominance, French multinational companies have monopoly rights over this area's resources, like oil from Gabon and uranium from Mali.

The bases have been used for multiple invasions, like against the Ivory Coast in 2011.

The United Kingdom

In total, the UK has 145 overseas military sites, in 42 countries. The UK's sites include 60 it manages itself in addition to 85 facilities run by its allies where the UK has a significant presence[2]. The US base Diego Garcia is formally owned by the UK.

With help of its military presence, the UK keeps in place a number of puppet dictators in oil rich countries, like the Sultan of Brunei and the Sultan of Oman.

Other NATO countries

Most of the bases are appendixes to US military operations in Afghanistan, Libya etc.

Turkey has bases in Republic of Northern Cyprus, Iraqi Kurdistan and a base in Qatar on the Persian Gulf with 5000 personnel.

NATO Military Bases

The Atlantic Alliance (NATO) has its own Network of military bases, thirty in total [3]. They are primarily located in Western Europe:

Whiteman, U.S.A., Fairford,

Lakenheath and Mildenhall in United Kingdom,

Eindhoven in Netherlands,

Brüggen, Geilenkirchen, Landsberg, Ramstein, Spangdahlem, Rhein-Main in Germany,

Istres and Avord in France.

Morón de la Frontera and Rota in Spain,

Brescia, Vicenza, Piacenza, Aviano, Istrana, Trapani, Ancora, Pratica di Mare, Amendola, Sigonella, Gioia dell Colle, Grazzanise and Brindisi in Italy,

Tirana in Albania,

Incirlik in Turkey,

Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia and

Ali al Salem in Koweit


Russia has bases in mostly former Soviet republics, like Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossietia and in Tajikistan protecting the border to Afghanistan. In addtion, Russia has bases in Syria.


Military bases are a cause for intense pollution everywhere in the world.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]



Page nameDescription
Area 51A military base owned by the US Department of Defense founded in 1955 that was not confirmed to exist for over 50 years, operating as a black site with projects from the US Air Force and the CIA, even though the media have been reporting on it since the infamous Roswell incident. Although much coverage only questions if there are "aliens" there, the confirmed US Air Force black projects go largely unquestioned.
Camp BondsteelCamp Bondsteel is known as the “grand dame” in a network of US bases running both sides of the border between Kosovo and Macedonia.
Camp DarbyAn U.S. enormous ammunition storage in Italy with ties to Gladio, arming of CIA black armies, and connected to the sinking of the passenger ferry Moby Prince
Chagos ArchipelagoUS & UK operated black site in the Indian Ocean. Plays a mysterious role in vanishing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
ChicksandsA "major" NSA installation in UK
Fort Bragg
Fort HoodThe most populous U.S. military installation in the world, the number and particularly the type of crimes reported in and around the facility is suspicious and has the hallmarks of either a black site or quite a chaotic base.
Guantanamo Bay detention campA US military base now used primarily as a torture camp due to its obscure legal jurisdiction. After campaigning in 2009 on promises to shut it down within a year, in 2014 Barack Obama announced plans to expand it.
Manus IslandPacific island with large US and Australian military/intelligence presence.
Naval Air Facility Atsugi
Naval Air Station SigonellaOne of the most important US bases in the world
Niger Air Base 201
Old Sarum
Pine GapA secret mass surveillance CIA base in Australia, named as reasoning for a coup in the 1970s.
Presidio of San FranciscoFormer military installation connected to serial killers and child abuse.
Ramstein Air BaseOne of the biggest and most important US bases in the world
İncirlik Air BaseHuge U.S. air base in Turkey.
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