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The October 1957 Bilderberg Report
Date4 October 1957 - 6 October 1957
LocationFiuggi,  Italy
ParticipantsPrince Bernhard,  J. H. Retinger,  Joseph E. Johnson,  Giovanni Agnelli,  George W. Ball,  Wilfrid Baumgartner,  Omer Becu,  Fritz Berg,  Nuri Birgi,  Pierre Bonvoisin,  H. N. Boon,  Jacques de Bourbon Busset,  George Brown,  Hakon Christiansen,  Pierre Commin,  Arthur H. Dean,  Pierre Dupuy,  Fritz Erler,  Amintore Fanfani,  John H. Ferguson,  Pierre Gallois,  Lincoln Gordon,  Colin Gubbins,  Gabriel Hauge,  Jens Christian Hauge,  Denis Healey,  H. J. Heinz II,  Leif Høegh,  Paul G. Hoffman,  Richard Jaeger,  Viscount Kilmuir,  Henry Kissinger,  E. N. van Kleffens,  Edward Knollys,  Ole Bjørn Kraft,  Otto Krag,  Giovanni F. Malagodi,  Reginald Maudling,  James McCormack Jr,  Guy Mollet,  Rudolf Mueller,  George Nebolsine,  Paul Nitze,  Lauris Norstad,  Giulio Pastore,  Panagiotis Pipinelis,  Giorgio La Pira,  Alberto Pirelli,  Pietro Quaroni,  David Rockefeller,  Ludwig Rosenberg,  Paul Rykens,  Carlo Schmid,  Shepard Stone,  Franz Josef Strauss,  Etienne de la Vallee Poussin,  Vittorio Valletta,  Marcus Wallenberg,  Dana L. Wilgress,  Henri Yrissou,  J. D. Zellerbach
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed byF. A. De Graaf,  Danilo Pastorboni,  John Pomian

The October 1957 Bilderberg Meeting was the 6th such meeting and the first one in Italy. It had 45 participants from 9 European countries, the United States and Canada.[1] It was held at Fiuggi, Italy.[1] The 61 guests included 11 business executives, 17 politicians, 6 financiers, 0 editors/journalists and 1 academics. The previous Bilderberg was in February of the same year, and the next one was the 1958 Bilderberg.


The Agenda of the October 1957 Bilderberg has been leaked and is now online.[1]

1. Survey Of Developments Since The Last Bilderberg Conference

The Soviet Union

Communism outside the Soviet Union

The Middle East


The European Common Market

Other Developments

2. Are Existing Political And Economic Institutions Within The Western Community Adequate?

The Aims of Policy

Consultation inside NATO

The Machinery of NATO

3. Modern Weapons and Disarmament In Relation To Western Security

The Impact of Technological Progress in Armaments on Strategy and Diplomacy

Limitation of Armaments and its Effect on NATO

Press Statement

The meeting report contains a 5 sentence press statement.[1]



Gianni AgnelliAttended the Bilderberg 37 times.
George BallRegular Bilderberg attendee.
Wilfrid Baumgartner
Omer Becu
Fritz Berg
Prince BernhardArms dealer.
Nuri Birgi
Pierre Bonvoisin
H. N. Boon
George Brown
Jacques de Bourbon Busset
Hakon Christiansen
Pierre Commin
Arthur Dean
Pierre Dupuy
Fritz Erler
Amintore Fanfani
John Ferguson
David Maxwell Fyfe
Pierre Gallois
Lincoln Gordon
Colin GubbinsBilderberg invitee and spook
Gabriel HaugeFormer Bilderberg Steering committee
Jens Christian Hauge
Denis Healey
Paul Hoffman
Leif Höegh
H. John Heinz II
Richard Jaeger
Joseph E. JohnsonInaugural US secretary of the annual Bilderberg, Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Henry Kissinger40+ times Bilderberg visitor, war criminal and deep politician
E. N. van Kleffens
Edward Knollys
Ole Bjørn KraftA Danish conservative politician whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg group
Otto Krag
Giovanni Malagodi
Reginald Maudling
James McCormack
Guy Mollet
Rudolf Mueller
George Nebolsine
Paul Nitze
Lauris Norstad
Giulio Pastore
Panagiotis Pipinelis
Giorgio La Pira
Alberto Pirelli
Etienne de la Vallee Poussin
Pietro QuaroniOne of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg group
Józef Retinger
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Frans A. de Graaf
Danilo Pastorboni
John Pomian


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