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Person.png Aga Khan III  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(royalty, Iman)
HH the AGA KHAN 1936.jpg
Born2 November 1877
Died11 July 1957 (Age 79)
Alma materEton, University of Cambridge
ReligionShia Islam, Ismaili
Member ofAga Khan family
Very rich religious leader working for British colonial interests.

Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III was the 48th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili sect of Islam. He is the grandfather of the present Aga Khan IV.

He was one of the founders and the first permanent president of the All-India Muslim League (AIML). His goal was the advancement of Muslim agendas and protection of Muslim rights in India. The League, until the late 1930s, was not a large organisation but represented the landed and commercial Muslim interests of the British-ruled 'United Provinces' (as of today Uttar Pradesh).[1]

Aga Khan called on the British Raj to consider Muslims to be a separate nation within India, the so-called 'Two Nation Theory'. Even after he resigned as president of the AIML in 1912, he still exerted major influence on its policies and agendas. He was nominated to represent India to the League of Nations in 1932 and was President of the League of Nations from 1937 to 1938.[2]

British agent

Emergency Powers legislation formalized Great Britain’s absolute rule and again the Congress Party was banned. Negotiations between Gandhi and Lord Irwin incensed British leadership and prompted Lord Irwin’s replacement as viceroy with an “anti-negotiator,” Lord Willington, who promulgated new ordinances reintroducing imprisonment without trial, confiscation of property and an Emergency Press Act silencing news of his rule. He also worked to wedge apart the Hindus and Muslims by scheming with the figures who would form the Muslim League and agitate for a separate Muslim state in Pakistan. This group was financed by the Aga Khan.[3]

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