Fulvio Martini

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Person.png Fulvio Martini  Rdf-icon.png
(spook, mariner)
Born 26 February 1923
Died 15 February 2003 (Age 79)
Nationality Italian

Employment.png SISMI/Director

In office
5 May 1984 - 26 February 1991
Preceded by Nino Lugaresi
Succeeded by Sergio Luccarini

Admiral Fulvio Martini headed SISMI for over 6 years.


Wikipedia stated in 2019 that "Martini was an experienced intelligence officer untainted by the affair and took charge of the SISMI, purging the organisation of residual fascist elements and others involved in the P2 conspiracies. His scope for manouvre was limited by the need to sustain existing structures in response to the country's cold war obligations, but he nevertheless succeeded in transforming the SISMI into an efficient and modern intelligence service, and to lift from it the shadow of a "secret police" guiding spirit."[1]

Fulvio Martini declared Michael Ledeen unwelcome in Italy.[2]


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