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Group.png University of Antwerp  
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HeadquartersAntwerp, Flanders, Belgium
Major Belgian university located in the city of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a major Belgian university located in the city of Antwerp. The University of Antwerp has about 20,000 students, which makes it the third largest university in Flanders.


The university's roots go back to Sint-Ignatius Handelshogeschool (Saint-Ignatius School for Higher Education in Commerce) founded by the Jesuit (Society of Jesus) in Antwerp in 1852. This was one of the first European business schools to offer formal university degrees. It later opened a Faculty of Literature and Philosophy (including Law) and a Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. It was renamed Universitaire Faculteiten Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen (UFSIA)

in the 1960s when the Belgian government granted it university status. In the early 1970s UFSIA joined into a confederation with "Rijksuniversitair Centrum Antwerpen" (RUCA) and "Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen" (UIA), public institutions.In 2003 UFSIA, RUCA, and UIA merged into the University of Antwerp.[1]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Jan Huyghebaert1945BelgiumFinancier
Belgian nobility
Belgian businessman, 11 Bilderbergs
Renée Jones-Bos20 December 1952NetherlandsDiplomat
Former Dutch top-level ambassador to Russia and the US, later liaison for the AIVD and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Leo Tindemans16 April 192226 December 2014BelgiumPoliticianBelgian politician