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Status: stable
This property is for powerbase URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Powerbase URLs of people, groups or events
  • Predicate:  Has powerbase
  • Object:        URLs of powerbase pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas powerbase
Allen Dulles
Anton Turkul
Barrie Gane
Charles Elwell
Deputy Director General of MI5
Euston Manifesto United States
Evelyn Le Chêne
Force Research Unit
Francis Whetstone
Geoffrey Tantum
George H. W. Bush
George Robertson
George W. Bush
Hill & Knowlton
Hill & Knowlton Strategies
Hugh Gaitskell
Hugh Stevenson
Ian Andrews
John Gearson
Jonathan Institute
Julian Lewis
Keenie Meenie Services
National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit
Operation Nicole
Project Rich Picture
Le Cercle
Revolving door
Saladin Security Ltd
Stephen Lander
Étienne DavignonÉtienne_Davignon
2008 Counter-Terrorism advertising campaign
Alain Chouet
Alan Krueger
Alastair Campbell
Alastair Goodlad
Albert Wohlstetter
Alcide De Gasperi
Alex Allan
Alex Karp
Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens
Alexandre de Marenches
Alfred Milner
Alfred Ulmer
Alison Saunders
Alistair Crooke
Amber Rudd
American Enterprise Institute
American Foreign Policy Council
American Security Council
Amir Abbas Fakhravar
Amir Taheri
Anders Eldrup
Andrei Lugovoi
Andrew Parker Parker
Andrew Burns
Andrew Knight
Andrew Smith
Angela Merkel
Anne Applebaum Applebaum
Anthony Blunt
Anthony Buzzard
Anthony Cordesman
Antonio Tajani
Arnaud de Borchgrave
Arnold Beichman
Arthur Goldberg Goldberg
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Martin
Augusto Pinochet
Axel Weber
BAE Systems
Bandar bin Sultan
Bank of Credit and Commerce International
Barack Obama
Barclays Bank
Barry Rubin
Bell Pottinger
Ben J. Wattenberg
Ben Wallace
Benador Associates
Benjamin Netanyahu
Bernard Hogan-Howe
Bertrand Collomb
Bill Clinton
Bill Durodie
Bobby Ray Inman
Bohemian Grove
Boris Johnson
Brian Crozier
Brian Michael Jenkins
Brigitte Gabriel
British Petroleum
British Security Coordination
Brunel University
Business Executives for National Security
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Carl Gershman
Carlyle Group
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Center for Peace and Security Studies
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Centre for European Reform
Centre for Social Cohesion
Charles Farr
Charles Portal
Charles Shoebridge
Chris Skidmore
Christine Lagarde
Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Meyer
Cleveland Cram
Coalition for a Democratic Majority
Cofer Black
Colin Gubbins
Committee on the Present Danger
Con Coughlin
Conrad Black
Control Risks
Council of Economic Advisers
Council on Foreign Relations
Cranfield University
Cressida Dick
Crown Agents
Daily Mail
Damian Hinds
Dan Meridor
Daniel B. Shapiro
Daniel Benjamin
Daniel Graham
Daniel Pipes
Daniel Vasella
David Boren Boren
David Cameron Cameron
David Mundell Mundell
David Aaronovitch
David Addington
David Blunkett
David Campbell Bannerman
David Davis
David Friedman
David Frum
David Gauke
David Hannay
David Horowitz
David Lea
David Owen
David Petrie
David Project
David Pryce-Jones
David Rockefeller
David Waddington
David Walker (SAS)
Democracy Institute
Denis Payne
Dennis Ross
Derek Plumbly
Deutsche Bank
Devon Cross
Diana West
Dick Cheney
Dick Taverne
Dirk Coetzee
Donald Rumsfeld
Donald Trump
Donna Brazile
Douglas Carswell
Douglas Hurd
Drug Enforcement Administration
Dwayne Andreas
Dwight D. Eisenhower
E. Howard Hunt
Ed Balls Balls
Ed Husain
Edward Jay Epstein
Edward S. Herman
Edward Timpson
Edwin Meese
Eliana Benador
Elie Kedourie
Elie Wiesel
Elliott Abrams
Elma Dangerfield
Eric Edelman
Eric Moonman
Eric Schmidt
Erik Prince
Ernest Cuneo Cuneo
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Eugene Rostow
Exxon Mobil
Fabian Hamilton
Fabian Society
Financial Times
Food and Drug Administration
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Fox News
François Fillonçois_Fillon
François Heisbourgçois_Heisbourg
Francis Fukuyama
Francis Maude
Frank Carlucci
Frank Gaffney
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Fraser of Allander Institute
Frederick Vanden Heuvel
Freedom Institute
Frits Bolkestein
George A. David
George Galloway
George Meany
George Mitchell
George Monbiot
George Osborne
George Tenet
George Will
Georgetown University
Georgina Butler
Gerald Ford
German-British Forum
German Marshall Fund
Giulio Andreotti
Global Vision
Graham Wallas
Greg Clark
Greg Hands
Greville Janner
Grover Norquist
Guy Liddell
Guy Mollet
H. Onno Ruding
Harry S. Truman S. Truman
Harvard University
Heather Reisman
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Helmut Kohl
Henry Hecksher
Henry Jackson Society
Henry Kissinger
Horst Teltschik
House Un-American Activities Committee
Hubert Humphrey
Hugh Thomas
Hugh Trevor-Roper
Iain Duncan Smith
Ian Blair
Institute for National Security Studies
Institute of Economic Affairs
International Institute for Counter-Terrorism
International Monetary Fund
International Organizations Division
Investigative Project on Terrorism
Ivan Rogers
Ivor Roberts
JPMorgan Chase
Jack Goldsmith
Jacob Wallenberg
Jacques Toubon
Jacqui Smith
James A. Johnson
James Brokenshire
James Burnham
James Goldsmith
James Jesus Angleton
James R. Clapper
James R. Schlesinger
Jamie Reed
Jane Ellison
Jean-Louis Bruguièreère
Jean Violet
Jeane Kirkpatrick
Jeffrey Gedmin Gedmin
Jeffrey Archer
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Greenstock
Jeremy Heywood
Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Wright
Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism
Jessica Mathews
Jewish Leadership Council
Jim Murphy
Jim Sheridan
Jimmy Carter
Jo Johnson
Joel Barnett
John Deverell Deverell
John Foster Dulles Foster Dulles
John Laird Laird
John Ashcroft
John Ashton
John Baker-White
John F. Kennedy
John Kerr
John MacGregor
John Marks
John McCone
John Morgan
John O. Brennan
John Perkins
John Podhoretz
John Reid
John Sawers
John Scarlett
John Sinclair
John Stockwell
Johns Hopkins University
Joint Services School of Intelligence
Jonathan Freedland
Jonathan Sacks
Jorma Ollila
José María Aznaré_María_Aznar
Joseph E. Johnson
Joseph Farah
Joseph McCarthy
Josh Devon
Juan Luis Cebriánán
Julian Amery
Justine Greening
Karl Rove
Keith Bristow
Kenneth R. Weinstein
Kevin Warsh
Kim Philby
Kincora Boys' Home'_Home
King's College London's_College_London
Knights Templar
Labour Party
Lane Kirkland
Lars Hedegaard
Laurie Flynn
Leon Kass
Leslie Turnberg
Liam Byrne
Licio Gelli
Lloyd Blankfein
London School of Economics
Louis Freeh
Luke Akehurst
Maajid Nawaaz
Malcolm Rifkind
Manucher Ghorbanifar
Manuel Valls
Marco Rubio
Marie-Josée Kravisée_Kravis
Mark Allen
Mark Rutte
Martin Indyk
Martin Kramer
Martin Taylor
Martin Wolf
Martin van Creveld
Max Brauer
Maxwell Knight
McGeorge Bundy
Mel Stride
Melanie Phillips
Mhairi Black Black
Michael Fallon Fallon
Michael Moore Moore
Michael Ancram
Michael Elkins
Michael Hastings
Michael Howard
Michael Levy
Michael Morell
Michael Oatley
Michael Quinlan
Middle East Media Research Institute
Midge Decter
Ministry of Defence
Nader Mousavizadeh
Naftali Bennett
Nathan Glazer
National Committee for a Free Europe
National Endowment for Democracy
National Security Agency
New Statesman
New York Times
Nick Day
Nick Hurd
Nicky Morgan
Nicola Sturgeon
Nicolas Baverez
Nigel Farage
Nigel Inkster
Noam Chomsky
Noel Malcolm
Norman Lamont
Norman Podhoretz
Norris McWhirter
Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism
Office of Policy Coordination
Office of Strategic Services
Oleg Deripaska
Olivier Roy
Palantir Technologies
Pamela Geller
Patrick Clawson
Patrick Jenkin
Paul Nitze Nitze
Paul Allaire
Paul Boateng
Paul Bremer
Paul Condon
Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Paul Johnson
Paul Murphy
Paul Nuttall
Paul Rykens
Paul Stephenson
Paul Vallely
Percy Sillitoe
Pesach Benson
Peter Collier
Peter Hain
Peter Power
Peter Thiel
Phil Woolas
Philip Giraldi
Philip Hammond
Philip Morris
Porter Goss
Prague Security Studies Institute
Prince Bernhard
Quilliam Foundation
Rachel Reeves
Ralf Dahrendorf
Raymond Rocca
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Rex Tillerson
Richard Nixon Nixon
Richard Burt
Richard Clarke
Richard Helms
Richard Ober
Richard Schifter
Richard Walton
Rio Tinto Group
Rita Katz
Robert Hannigan
Robert McFarlane
Robert Myers
Robert Nairac
Robert Richer
Robert Spencer
Robert Strauss
Robin Corbett
Roger Hollis
Roger Scruton
Ronald Reagan
Roxane Farmanfarmaian
Roy Hattersley
Royal Dutch Shell
Rudolf Scholten
Rupert Allason
SITE Intelligence Group
Saad Eddin Ibrahim
Sam Nunn
Samantha Power
Samuel Halpern
Samuel Hoare
Samuel Huntington
Scientific Alliance
Scooter Libby
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2008 Counter-Terrorism advertising campaign +  +


AIPAC +  +
David Aaronovitch +  +
Ziad Abdelnour +  +
Elliott Abrams +  +
David Addington +  +
Advertising +  +
Luke Akehurst +  +
Alcohol +  +
Paul Allaire +  +
Alex Allan +  +
Rupert Allason +  +
Mark Allen +  +
American Enterprise Institute +  +
American Foreign Policy Council +  +
American Security Council +  +
Julian Amery +  +
Valerie Amos +  +
Michael Ancram +  +
Dwayne Andreas +  +
Giulio Andreotti +  +
Ian Andrews +  +
James Jesus Angleton +  +
Anne Applebaum + Applebaum  +
Jeffrey Archer +  +
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