Council for Democracy and Tolerance

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FounderTashbih Sayyed
A group which collaborated on the 2007 Collapse of Europe conference.

The Council for Democracy and Tolerance was founded[When?] by Tashbih Sayyed.

Official narrative

The group described itself on the flyer of the 2007 The Collapse of Europe conference as follows:

The Council for Democracy and Tolerance is committed to bringing about a change in any radical, extremist or fundamentalist thinking of Muslims in the United States by using newspapers, radio, television and the internet as national media campaign tools. CDT condemns campaigns of Islamic leadership in the USA which incite violence, promote fundamentalism or encourage extremism in order to undermine freedoms in American society. CDT is committed to working for the promotion and expansion of American values in societies controlled by extremists.


In 2007 the group's president was Tashbih Sayyed, editor of Muslim World Today.