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(spook, film maker)
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BornManfred Schlickenrieder
A spook who for two decades posed as an environmental activist in order to spy for big oil and intelligence agencies.

Manfred Schlickenrieder is a spook who for 20 years posed as an environmental activist in order to spy on groups including Greepeace and Friends of the Earth for big oil and intelligence agencies.



Schlickenrieder cultivated an image as an environmentalist activist. However, he worked secretly for a number of intelligence agencies, including Hakluyt.


Schlickenrieder was exposed in January 2001, after 20 years as a spook. His cover was blown when the Swiss action group Revolutionaire Aufbau began to distrust him and began to investigate him. The group uncovered a large pile of documents, and published many online at the start of 2000."[1] These documents prove Schlickenrieder was on Hakluyt's payroll — and indicate strongly that he was working for more than one German state intelligence service.


  • Business as Usual: The Arrogance of Power - A film Schlickenrieder produced as part of his cover story of being a film maker activist. It "gave a rather superficial insight into the European campaign against Shell".Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag;

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