Colloquium on Analysis and Estimates

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Date30 November 1979 - 1 December 1979
ParticipantsRichard V. Allen, George W. Anderson, Frank R. Barnett, Arnold Beichman, Richard Betts, Richard E. Bissell, John F. Blake, Adda B. Bozeman, Ray S. Cline, Angelo Codevilla, William E. Colby, Roland H. Delmar, Lawrence J. Edwards, Edward J. Epstein, Fredric S. Feer, Carl Ford, Shlomo Gazit, Stephen P. Gilbert, Richard H. Giza, Roy Godson, Samuel Halpern, Michael Handel, William R. Harris, Daniel L. Horowitz, Arthur Hulnick, David Ignatius, Fred C. Iklé, Klaus Knorr, Sven Kraemer, Jay LaMonica, Thomas H. Latimer, Carl Leaver, Michael Ledeen, William T. Lee, Morris I. Liebman, Charles M. Lichtensten, Patrick G. Long, John Norton Moore, Josh Muravchik, Walter Pforzheimer, Richard E. Pipes, Raymond Rocca, James Roche, Herbert Romerstein, Sol Sanders, Mark B. Schneider, Harriet Fast Scott, William F. Scott, Paul Seabury, Jan Sejna, David S. Sullivan, W. Scott Thompson, Frank N. Trager, Michael M. Uhlmann, Robert Vickers, Joe Volz, Robert C. Walker, Edwin Warner, Allen Weinstein, Paul Wolfowitz, Elmo R. Zumwalt
DescriptionSpooky 1979 Washington conference

The Colloquium on Analysis and Estimates was held in Washington on 30 November - 1 December 1979 by the Consortium for the Study of Intelligence.[1]

According to Roy Godson:

Sixty former and current US and foreign intelligence officials, congressional staff specialists in intelligence, and former senior US policymakers met with members of the Consortium to consider the objectives of the US analytical system for the 1980's and beyond, and what could be done to achieve them.[2]

List of Participants


Known Participants

23 of the 61 known participants already have pages here:

Richard AllenUS National Security Advisor, Cercle, Iran-Contra...
George AndersonAdmiral in the United States Navy and a diplomat. As the Chief of Naval Operations between 1961 and 1963, he was in charge of the US blockade of Cuba during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.
Arnold Beichman
Richard Betts
Richard E. BissellCSIS,United States Information Agency, USAID...
Ray S. ClineSenior CIA, spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism
Angelo CodevillaStaff in Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Professor of international relations. Proponent of the Strategic Defense Initiative. Defender of the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.
William ColbyCIA boss who maybe became too loose-mouthed, died in suspicious circumstances
Edward Jay Epstein
Shlomo Gazit
Richard H. Giza
Roy Godson
Samuel Halpern
David IgnatiusAttender of spooky "security" conferences
Fred C. Iklé
Klaus Knorr
Sven Kraemer
Michael LedeenBilderberg, Le Cercle,
Richard PipesHawkish cold warrior historian
Raymond RoccaCIA counterintelligence officer and specialist on the Soviet Union
James Roche
Paul WolfowitzAn "architect" of the invasion of Iraq, World Bank President
Elmo Zumwalt


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