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Person.png Geoffrey Tantum PowerbaseRdf-icon.png
(soldier, spook, diplomat, businessman)
Born November 1940
Nationality UK
Alma mater Hampton Grammar School, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Oxford University/St John's College
Children • Laura Tantum
• Katie Tantum
Member of Le Cercle

Employment.png Director

In office
2013-03-14 - 2013-06-30
Employer Modac Global Limited

Employment.png Director

In office
2013-12-03 - 2014-03-31
Employer Equilibrium Gulf Limited

Employment.png Director

In office
2002-02-20 - 2005-02-08
Employer Petra Software Limited

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In office
1959 - 1966
Employer UK/Army

Geoffrey Alan Tantum is a former MI6 controller for the Middle East.[1][2] He reportedly met with Jonathan Aitken every six weeks and swapped information.[3] He was awarded an OBE in 1995.[4] His name was on a list of 117 MI6 operatives posted on the internet in the 1990s by disaffected spook Richard Tomlinson.[5]


Geoffrey Tantum attended Hampton Grammar School, then RMA Sandhurst, then obtained a 1st Class degree in Oriental Studies (Arabic) from St John’s College Oxford.[3]


Geoffrey Tantum worked in the UK military from 1959–66, then joined MI6.[3] Having a degree in Arabic, he focused on the Middle East. "The report was based on a tape-recording by a British agent of President ali Khameni of Iran, giving orders to leaders of Iran's secret service on how they should destabilise Saudi Arabia by a series of terrorist bombings of Saudi government buildings and British and US military offices in Riyadh and Dharan."[6]

Later activities

Since 2002, he was been a director of a range of UK companies, including Equilibrium Gulf Limited, "an innovative ethical UK-based geo-strategic advisory company with an international focus".[7][1] His co-directors in Petra Software Limited were George Ritchie Gray, Caroline Anne Tantum, Jeremy Michael Wooding and Ralph Douglas.[2] In 2005, he was working for Gulf Consultancy Services, UK.[8] He was a director of South Pool Property Investments Limited from 2003-07-21 to 2013-01-31.[9]


Laura Tantum, a daughter, ran the Universal Exports Charity Foundation, named after the company used as a cover for MI6 in the James Bond films.[10] Katie Tantum is another daughter.[11]

Deep Politics

He attended Le Cercle and was named by The Telegraph as its UK secretary.[12]