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(Dentist, 9-11/Whistleblower, 9-11/Dissident, 9-11/Premature death)
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BornShreveport, Louisiana, USA
DiedSeptember 2006
Cause of death
Victim ofmurder
David Graham was a dentist who became suspicious after meeting two of the "19 hijackers". He reported being first ignored and then threatened by the FBI. He compiled a large report of his investigations into why the FBI were ignoring his warnings. Poisoned.

Dr. David M. Graham was a dentist who happened to have met two of the "19 hijackers", ten months before 9/11. He was energetic in reporting his evidence to the FBI, who were actively uninterested. He died in 2006 after creating The Graham Report, which dissented from the 9-11/Official narrative.


David Graham was a Vietnam veteran, and had been a medical volunteer.[1]

Before 9/11

Dr. Graham met Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdha, two of the "19 hijackers", ten months before 9/11, in his home city of Shreveport, Louisiana. He researched the 9/11 attacks, and reported what he knew to the FBI, but they ignored his warnings.[2]


Frustrated at lack of interest by the authorities, Graham compiled a report of over 200 pages, based on his research, entitled "The 9/11 Graham Report". He was told not to publish it, but did so anyway. As of 2016, it is still available online.[3]


Sander Hicks suggests that he was poisoned with anti-freeze because he refused to be silenced about 9/11. Before he died, he reported that he had been threatened and abused by the FBI.[2] In the wake of his death, the FBI reportedly denied meeting with Graham before 9/11, although later an FBI agent Steven Hayes admitted that he had in fact met with Graham before the attacks.[1] His friend, John Milkovich, a lawyer in Shreveport, La. gave the eulogy David Graham.[4]

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