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Group.png Iran  
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Capital cityTehran
LocationMiddle East, Asia
LeaderPresident of Iran
Typenation state
Interest ofSheldon Adelson, CENTCOM, Charles Cogan, Hassan Firouzabadi, Iran Policy Committee, Dan Kovalik, Elon Musk,, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Olivier Roy, Gary Sick
Member ofSafari Club, UN
Sponsored by2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
SubpageIran/1953 coup d'état
Iran/Foreign Minister
Iran/Nuclear weapons
Iran/Prime Minister
Iran possesses the 4th largest oil reserves of any nation state.

Iran, formerly known as Persia, is an oil rich nation state in the middle east. It has the 4th largest oil reserve and the 2nd largest natural gas reserves of any nation state, about 16% of total global reserves,[1] and is situated at a maritime choke point, the Strait of Hormuz.


Iran's fossil fuel wealth has made it a target for decades. It was on a list of seven countries which retired 4-star general Wesley Clark (SACEUR from 1997-2001) stated that the US military had plans to invade:

In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’[2]

1953 coup d'état

Full article: Iran/1953 coup d'état

Planned since at least 1951, a coup d'état was carried out in Iran in 1953 against the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh. This was organised by the Seven Sisters and then carried out by a small group within MI6 and the CIA.[3], motivated largely by the huge profits of extracting Iranian oil.

US Deep State operative Frank Terpil admits working for the Iranian government.[4]


Full article: “Iran-Contra”

The US commercially-controlled media used the phrase "Iran Contra" to refer to a US Deep state scheme which smuggled cocaine in the the US and shipped weapons to the "contras".

1980 October surprise

Full article: October surprise
October surprise.jpg

The October surprise was a deal organised by the US deep state to try to ensure the defeat of Jimmy Carter in the 1980 US Presidential election. This is suspected[By whom?] of having arisen from the Iran-Contra drug deals.

Iran-Iraq war

Full article: Iran Iraq war

The Iran Iraq war began on 22 September 1980 and concluded on 20 August 1988.

Nuclear weapons?

Full article: Nuclear weapon
Iran nuclear scientists.png

The commercially-controlled media has repeatedly claimed that Iran was developing Nuclear weapons. Several nuclear scientists have been assassinated in ambushes since 2010.[5][6][7] In fear of retaliation, Israel has warned it's own nuclear scientists after the 2020 assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, to be vigilant and change daily routine.[8] Tony Cartalucci comments:

"There was a rush by the Western media to blame the Israeli government - who in turn appears to be in no rush to discount or disprove these accusations. The purpose of this is to make the US appear uninvolved in the recent escalation. The race to shape public opinion and depict the US as helpless amid growing tensions between Israel and Iran is meant to make any possible US involvement in the near future look uninvited, unplanned, and reluctant on Washington's part."[9]


Lots of dead politicians.

51,000 "covid orphans" - children who have lost both parents to COVID.[10]

Iran & Saudi Arabia fighting for Qatar

FIFA World Cup Special: Saudi-Qatar conflict – Middle East Politics

During the FIFA World Cup, the western public heard a lot about Qatar doing bad things to build all their stadiums. This video explains why other gulf countries want Qatar to stop “playing both sides”, why they're staying silent in this PR campaign against Qatar to force Qatar into choosing an alliance, and how the US is… again… involved in this.
Video archive



Andrei Fursov has reported that groups in Iran are involved in international drug trafficking which threatens the profits of globally organised and US deep state groups. He stated in 2014 that "Cocaine is transferred to Sierra Leone, where it is exchanged for diamonds. With the diamonds they purchase arms. This triangle - Hezbollah, Syria, Iran - gets in the way of the Americans. They take the view, correctly, that eliminating Syria as an Arab partner of Iran, whether relations with Iran are good or bad, Iran will be weaker, and it will be easier to get an agreement with them. The removal of the Assad regime therefore became objective No.1 for the Americans. Likewise for Saudi Arabia and Israel."[11]

In 2018, the New York Times headlined a story Iran Eases Death Penalty for Drug Crimes, Saving Potentially Thousands of Lives, which cited anonymous "activists" as claiming that an elevation of the drug minimums for a capital sentence "could save potentially 5,000 lives."[12]

Unconditional basic income

Iran was the first country to introduce an unconditional basic income. Since Autumn 2010 it has paid an income to all citizens and replace the decades long system of subsidies of petrol, fuel and other supplies. In 2012, the sum corresponded to about 40 U.S. dollars per person per month.

Strait of Hormuz

Iran is located at the Strait of Hormuz (the world's most important oil transit chokepoint)[13] and as a major power in the region, can influence world economy by closing or limiting transit.[14][15]


Related Quotations

Ziad Abdelnour“Iran's going to be finished and every single Arab regime that's like this will be finished. Because there is no room for us capitalists and multinationalists in the world to operate with regimes like this. Its all about money. And power. And wealth... and democracy has to be spread around the world. Those who want to espouse globalization are going to make a lot of money, be happy, their families will be happy. And those who aren't going to play this game are going to be crushed, whether they like it or not! This is how we rule. And this is how it's going to be as long as you have people who think like me.”Ziad Abdelnour18 November 2005
Sheldon Adelson“What is there to negotiate about? What I would say is: listen, you see that desert out there? (...) So you pick up your cellphone and call someone is Nebraska and say OK, let one go and it doesn't hurt a soul, maybe a couple of rattlesnakes and scorpions or whatever and say: See? The next one is in the middle of TehranSheldon Adelson2013
Wesley Clark“In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’”Wesley Clark2 March 2007
Patrick Clawson“One can combine other means of pressure with sanctions. I mentioned that explosion on August 17th. We could step up the pressure. I mean look people, Iranian submarines periodically go down, some day one of them might not come up, who would know why? We can do a variety of things if we wish to increase the pressure... We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get nastier.”Patrick ClawsonSeptember 2012
Lowell JacobySaddam Hussein appears determined to retain his WMD and missile programs...Iran and Iraq have active nuclear programs and could have nuclear weapons within the decade.”Lowell Jacoby11 February 2003
John McCain“Republican 2008 presidential hopeful John McCain crooned the words “Bomb Iran” to a Beach Boys’ tune in joking response to a question about any possible U.S. attack over Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program. “That old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran ... bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb,” the Vietnam War veteran warbled softly to the band’s “Barbara Ann” when he was asked when the United States would send an “airmail message” to Iran.”John McCain
April 2007
Sharmine Narwani“My friend, an engineer — who I will not name for obvious reasons and who I will call ‘Kourosh’ for the purpose of this article — revealed to me in 2010 that he was approached by two “State Department employees” who offered him $250,000 to “do something very simple” during his upcoming trip to Tehran.”Sharmine Narwani21 March 2019
Television“I once said to the chair, the heads of the CIA, when I was prime minister, that if you want to advance regime change in Iran you don't have to go through the CIA cloak and dagger stuff. What you want to do is, is take very large, very strong transponders and just beam Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 2050 and all that, into, into Tehran and into Iran because that is subversive stuff. They watch with, the young kids watch it, the young people. They want to have the same nice clothes and the same houses and swimming pools and so on.”Benjamin Netanyahu12 September 2002



Contaminated blood affairFor several years in the 1980s France knowingly exported tainted blood, killing thousands.
Iran-Iraq war
Iran/1953 coup d'étatThe first of many large scale coups was carried out at the behest of big oil, by the CIA. The report of the inaugural Bilderberg next year termed this "firm Western action in Persia ... [that] had produced successful results."
Le Cercle/1978 (Tehran)


Groups Headquartered Here

Iran University of Science and Technology1929A research institution and university of engineering and science.
Press TV2 July 2007An Iranian English-speaking media channel notably banned from the UK and US
Sharif University of Technology1966Iran's leading institution for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
University of Tabriz1947One of the most prestigious universities in Iran


Citizens of Iran on Wikispooks

Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan11 January 2012An assassinated Iranian nuclear weapons specialist
Shahram Amiri1977
Ladan ArchinIranian-American protégé of Paul Wolfowitz
Amir AttaranCanadian "Dr. Doom" epidemiologist pushing for Trudeau's emergency rule, masks forever, and "accelerated" safety standards for jabs.
Abolhassan Banisadr22 March 19339 October 2021
Hamid Biglari1958Iranian-US finance executive who worked for Citigroup.
Shirin Ebadi21 June 1947
Sibel Edmonds18 January 1970Sibel Edmonds was recruited by the FBI as a translator in the wake of 9/11. She quickly turned whistleblower when she discovered security breaches, cover-ups and malpractice at numerous levels. The US government has made her "the most gagged person in the history of the United States".
Hassan Firouzabadi3 February 19513 September 2021Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff (1989 to 2016), died of COVID-19
Manucher Ghorbanifar1945Arms dealer and central figure in the Iran-Contra Affair.
Mohammed Hashemi12 December 1951
Moshe Katsav5 December 1945
Sadruddin Aga Khan17 January 193312 May 2003Specialist in running intelligence operations under humanitarian cover. Club of Rome member.
Ruhollah Khomeini24 September 19023 June 1989
Siamak Namazi14 September 1971Iranian-American academic convicted of espionage by Iran in 2016. National Endowment for Democracy Fellow in 2005. Selected a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2007.
Nematollah NassiriAugust 191115 February 1979Iranian spook who co-founded the Safari Club. Assassinated in 1979
Omid Nouripour18 June 1975German Green politician involved in many transatlantic influence networks.
Pardis Sabeti25 December 1975Iranian biologist, YGL 2012, Rhodes Scholar 1997, Global Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy
Mahmood Sariolghalam1959US deep state connected Iranian academic
Qassem Soleimani11 March 19573 January 2020Iranian general killed in Iraq by the United States in an airstrike in January 2020.
David Sonboly20 April 199822 July 2016Official perpetrator of the 2016 Munich shooting
Ardeshir Zahedi16 October 1928
Kourosh Ziabari1990


2022 Russian invasion of UkraineIn a new episode of Cold War 2.0 Russia forcefully halted NATO expansion by invading Ukraine, with financial support of China. Although the EU and US denounced the "war crimes" as multiple cities were bombed, several countries opted less severe sanctions to keep importing diamonds and luxury goods and gas (and their loaned money) from Russia, seemingly creating a new iron curtain in Eastern Europe.


Events Participated in

Bandung Conference19551955IndonesiaImportant conference for the global south; participants soon became prime targets for US foreign policy
July 2021 Gulf of Oman incident29 July 202129 July 2021Incident in July 2021


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Brzezinski's Black Room Report to president Carterreport20 November 1979Zbigniew BrzezinskiUS National Security Advisor Brzezinski's plans for regime change in Iran, including many methods and covert tactics that are familiar 40 years later.
Document:Canada Takes A Hostage: Free Meng WanzhouArticle8 December 2018Christopher BlackCanadians should be angry about these traitors isolating Canada from China, from Russia, from Iran and their great cultures, and condemning Canada to be nothing more than an outpost of the American empire. For traitors they are as they betray the Canadian people by serving the interests of the Americans and their war machine. Free Meng Wanzhou, for so long as she is held hostage, so are we all.
Document:Coordinating Regime Change in Iran and Venezueladiplomatic communication25 August 2010Trowbridge FordIran and Venezuela, prime candidates for regime change
Document:Deal or No Deal, Iran's Stock Keeps Risingarticle20 November 2013Sharmine Narwani
Document:Ed Miliband’s decision to oppose military action against Syria is an action of statesmanship of which Britons will be proudArticle28 August 2013Michael MeacherIt is all very well to rush to war in a surge of moral outrage, it is quite another to spell out clearly what are the war objectives and how exactly they are to be achieved.
Document:First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCWblog post17 March 2018Craig MurrayBeginning in late 2016, Iranian scientists succeeded in synthesising a number of Novichoks in full cooperation with the OPCW. This makes a complete nonsense of Theresa May’s “of a type developed by Russia” line, used to Parliament and the UN Security Council.
Document:Francis Boyle Interviewinterview6 April 2013Francis Boyle
Kourosh Ziabari
Document:Global Warfare. Preparing for World War IIIarticle1 August 2010Michel ChossudovskyUS Global military deployments, bases and command structure analysed as integral to an agenda aiming at total world hegemony
Document:Israel v the United States and Iranemail7 September 2010Unknown
Document:Obama's Secret Letter to Tehranarticle20 January 2012Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Document:Outside In: The Trump Administration’s Plan to Remake the Middle EastArticle10 October 2018Ted SniderBenjamin Netanyahu refers to his doctrine as Outside In: first you pacify the Outside and ally with the Sunni Arab states (Egypt and Saudi Arabia) outside of Israel, then, in exchange, you extract a peace plan out of them that you then impose Inside on a Palestine now devoid of allies and leave it helpless to hold out against a peace plan forced on the Palestinians by Donald Trump.
Document:Pan Am Flight 103: It was the Uraniumarticle6 January 2014Patrick HaseldineFollowing Bernt Carlsson's untimely death in the Lockerbie bombing, the UN Council for Namibia inexplicably dropped the case against Britain's URENCO for illegally importing yellowcake from the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia.
Document:So what actually happened in the Strait of Hormuz on 10th July?social media post12 July 2019Oliver TickellThe aggressive posturing of US and UK and the moves to militarise the Strait of Hormuz, taken together with US calls for regime change and other threats to the sovereignty of Iran, constitute a breach of UNCLOS Articles 19 and 39 and are thus unlawful.
Document:Speech by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on 20 August 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic CorpsSpeech31 August 2017Bashar al AssadThe US President is not the maker of policies, but the executor. Therefore, the “Deep State” in the United States does not govern in partnership with the President, but leaves him a small margin.
Document:The Dog That Didn't BarkArticle30 November 2017Israel ShamirThe Jared Kushner-Mohammed bin Salman peace plan for Palestine is likely to misfire, as have all MBS plans, from pressuring Qatar to vanquishing Yemen. A lot of blood and a lot of money will flow, adding to miseries in the Middle East and elsewhere. The only satisfaction is that now you know who owns the dog that did not bark.
Document:The Geo-Politics of the Strait of Hormuzwebpage8 January 2012Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Document:The Gulf of Credibilityblog post14 June 2019Craig MurrayThat Iran would target a Japanese ship and a friendly Russian crewed ship is a ludicrous allegation
Document:The Iran Nuclear Studies DocumentsarticleDecember 2009Gareth Porter
Document:The New Silk Road Will Go Through SyriaArticle13 July 2017Pepe EscobarBeijing is working non-stop for the Iran-Iraq-Syria triumvirate to become a key hub in the New Silk Road (OBOR). Any bets against a future, booming Shanghai-Latakia container route?
Document:The Saban Center’s prescient paper on war with Iranwebpage20 October 2011Maidhc Ó Cathail
Document:The Year of Iran: Tehran’s Challenge to American Hegemony in 2014article3 February 2014Flynt Leverett
Hillary Mann Leverett
Prognosis for Iranian-US/Western relations and developments through 2014 from two ex-US government Iran experts and academics who are both disillusioned with the direction of US foreign policy and the 'War on Terror'
Document:US Nuclear Policy Review: The World Is Our EnemyArticle8 February 2018Christopher Black“We (the United States) will keep you guessing as to when and against whom we will use them (nuclear weapons). We will maintain our role as the greatest state terrorist by keeping the nuclear Damocles sword over the heads of the people of the world constantly to ensure that the world acts in our interest.”
Document:Venezuela, Iran: Trump And The Deep StateArticle22 May 2019Thierry MeyssanSheikh Hassan Rouhani was the primary contact with the Western powers during the Iran-Contra affair. He knows Elliott Abrams personally and put the US deep state in relation with Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who became the richest billionaire in Iran thanks to this arms traffic.
Document:What are the Real Targets of the E.U. Oil Embargo against Iran?article31 January 2012Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Document:Who is Really Behind It? The Implausibility of an Iranian Plotarticle17 October 2011Esam Al-Amin
Document:Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar?article25 January 2012Marin KatusaThe possibility of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons is largely a smoke-screen used by the Western powers to obfuscate the real reasons for their escalating confrontation with Iran.
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