David Sonboly

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"“lone nut”"
Person.png David Sonboly  Rdf-icon.png
(Newspaper delivery boy, student)
Born Ali Sonboly
20 April 1998
Munich, Germany
Died 22 July 2016 (Age 18)
Moosach district, Munich, Germany
Cause of death
Residence Maxvorstadt,  Munich
Nationality Iranian, German
Other names علی سنبلی
Children (Template:Children details)
Supposed perpetrator of 2016 Munich shooting
Official perpetrator of the 2016 Munich shooting

A lot of reports of his mental illness.

Official narrative

David Sonboly was born and raised in Munich and had no criminal record. He carried out the 2016 Munich shooting. He grew up in a secular household, and was a "polite boy", according to neighbours. As of December 2017, English Wikipedia had about 400 words on him[1] and German Wikipedia had about 500.[2]