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Highly recommended independent geopolitical journalist.

Pepe Escobar is an independent geopolitical analyst. He writes for Asia Times Online, RT, OpEdNews, Sputnik, TomDispatch, China Central Television and before Al Jazeera. He has been foreign correspondent since 1985 and reported from Afghanistan in 2000 where he was arrested and accused of being a spy.[1] Since before 9/11 he specialized in covering the Middle East to Central and East Asia, with an emphasis on Big Power geopolitics and energy wars.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 100 Years of Now, The Opening Oct 1st, 2015 - "The New Great Game"


  • Escobar, P. (2007), Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War, Nimble Books.
  • Escobar, P. (2007), Red Zone Blues: A Snapshot of Baghdad During the Surge, Nimble Books.
  • Escobar, P. (2009), Obama Does Globalistan, Nimble Books.
  • Escobar, P. (2014), Empire of Chaos, Nimble Books.
  • Escobar, P. (2015), 2030, Nimble Books.
  • Escobar, P. (2016), 2030, suivi de Dialogues inactuels (Jorge Luis Borges), Éditions du Cercle.


Documents by Pepe Escobar

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoliarticle30 August 20112011 Attacks on Libya
Abdelhakim Belhadj
Document:Libya: The real war starts nowarticle7 September 20112011 Attacks on Libya
Document:Spring fails in Ukrainian plunderlandarticle5 March 2014US/Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945
Ukraine Riots 2013-14
Acerbic commentary and wit on the 2013-14 US sponsored coup in the Ukraine.
Document:The New Silk Road Will Go Through SyriaArticle13 July 2017Iran
Golan Heights
Beijing is working non-stop for the Iran-Iraq-Syria triumvirate to become a key hub in the New Silk Road (OBOR). Any bets against a future, booming Shanghai-Latakia container route?
Document:The US-Saudi Deal on Libyaarticle2 April 20112011 Attacks on Libya
"Humanitarian intervention"
Saudi Invasion of Bahrain


Quotes by Pepe Escobar

Darya Dugina“Not so long ago, the FSB was directly engaged in smashing assassination attempts, organised by the SBU, against Russian journalists, as in the case of Olga Skabaeyeva and Vladimir Soloviev. It’s mind-boggling that Dugin and his family were not protected by the Russian intelligence/security apparatus.”23 August 2022
ID2020“At the ID2020 Alliance summit last September [2019] in New York, it was decided that the “Rising to the Good ID Challenge” program would be launched in 2020.”2020'The Saker'
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