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Group.png Sierra Leone  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
LocationWest Africa, Africa
Typenation state
Member ofAfrican Union, Commonwealth of Nations, International Criminal Court, Organisation of African Unity, UN
A global cocaine trafficking hub in West Africa

Sierra Leone is an African nation state which is of global importance as a cocaine trafficking hub.

Cocaine Trafficking

The Telegraph reports that cocaine trafficking was legal in Sierra Leone until 2008. As a result of this, and "airspace and coastline virtually unguarded" is has become a major hub of cocaine trafficking.[1]

Serious Organised Crime Agency involvement

The Telegraph reports that "Britain remains Sierra Leone's biggest bilateral aid donor, giving £40 million [in 2008]" and that the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency has been in effective charge of seized cocaine.[1]

DEA Competition

Andrei Fursov stated in 2014 that "Cocaine is transferred to Sierra Leone, where it is exchanged for diamonds. With the diamonds they purchase arms. This triangle - Hezbollah, Syria, Iran - gets in the way of the Americans. They take the view, correctly, that eliminating Syria as an Arab partner of Iran, whether relations with Iran are good or bad, Iran will be weaker, and it will be easier to get an agreement with them. The removal of the Assad regime therefore became objective No.1 for the Americans. Likewise for Saudi Arabia and Israel."[2]


Related Quotation

Francis Boyle“I have absolute proof from a Pentagon document that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was doing bio-warfare work for the Pentagon in Sierra Leone, the heart of the outbreak, as early as 1988. Why would they do that? As I suggested to try to circumvent the Biological Weapons Convention to which the US government is a party. So, always bio-warriors do use offensive and defensive bio-warfare work, violating the Biological Weapons Convention. So effectively they try to offshore it into West Africa where Liberia is not a party and Guinea is not a party. Sierra Leone is a party. But in Sierra Leone and Liberia there were disturbances which kept the world from really paying attention of what was going on in these labs.<a href="#cite_note-4">[4]</a>Francis Boyle


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