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A list of Bilderbergers born from 1900 to 1909

This list does not contain the "observers" of the meetings.

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Terence Airey9 July 190026 March 1983UKEarly Bilderberg Steering committee. UK soldier
Robert Boothby12 February 190016 July 1986UKBritish politician and UK deep state operative, Clermont Set, Bilderberg
Thomas Brand30 March 190017 October 1965UKUK financier who attended the 1961 Bilderberg
David Maxwell Fyfe29 May 190027 January 1967UKLord High Chancellor of Great Britain, Attorney General for England and Wales, Triple Bilderberg
Jacques Georges-Picot16 December 19001987FranceSingle Bilderberg French financier. Director of French multinational corporation Suez 1957-1971.
Willem A. Visser 't Hooft20 September 19004 July 1985NetherlandsDutch theologian who became the first secretary general of the World Council of Churches. Single Bilderberger
Gladwyn Jebb25 April 190024 October 1996UKHolder of spooky jobs including UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Chief of the SOE during WW2.
Lawrence Litchfield19001967USHead of aluminum producer Alcoa 1960-1965. Bilderberg/1964
Roland Michener19 April 19006 August 1991CanadaCanadian who attended the 1961 and 1963 Bilderbergs
Louis Mountbatten25 June 190027 August 1979UKA man "of extremely low morals" according to an FBI file. Mentor to Charles Windsor. Assassinated
Paolo Rossi15 September 190024 May 1985ItalyPresident of Antimafia Commission, attended the first Bilderberg and the 1956 Bilderberg
Ernst Georg Schneider6 October 190022 September 1977GermanGerman businessman who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
C. V. R. Schuyler22 December 19004 December 1993USAttended the 1958 Bilderberg as SHAPE/Chief of Staff
Hugh Scott11 November 190021 July 1994USUS senator who attended 2 Bilderbergs
Paul-Willem Segers21 December 19005 February 1983BelgiumBelgian politician
Henry TiarksSeptember 19001995UKUK single Bilderberger financier



Hermann Abs15 October 19015 February 1994GermanAttended the 1958, 1961 and 1966 Bilderbergs as Chairman of Deutsche Bank.
Ralph Assheton24 February 19011984UKLord Clitheroe, Chairman of the Conservative Party in the 1940s, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s.
Fritz Berg27 August 19013 February 1979German13 Bilderbergs, Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie President for 23 years
Andrew Cordier1 March 190111 July 1975USUN official who facilitated the coup against Patrice Lumumba. Bilderberg/1962. Later President of Columbia University.
Tage Erlander13 June 190121 June 1985SwedenSwedish PM for 25 years
Walter Hallstein17 November 190129 March 1982GermanBilderberg, President of the European Commission
William H. Jackson25 March 190128 September 1971USDeputy CIA director prior to Allen Dulles
Norman Kipping19011979UKUK businessman
Louis Leprince-Ringuet27 March 190123 December 2000FranceFrench nuclear physicist and European Movement leader
Johannes Meynen13 April 190113 February 1980NetherlandsBilderberg Steering committee, Netherlands Defence Minister
Rene Pleven15 April 190113 January 1993FranceFrench PM from the early 1950s. Attended the 1963 Bilderberg
Heinrich Troeger4 March 190128 August 1975GermanMinister of Finance of Hessen. Attended the first and fourth Bilderbergs
George Woods27 July 190120 August 1982USAttended the 1966 Bilderberg as President of the World Bank Group



Fuat Alpkartal1902April 1978TurkeyA Turkish officer with strong ties to the Turkish intelligence community and a former Military Attaché in Washington. Attended the 1959 Bilderberg.
Wilfrid Baumgartner21 May 19021 June 1978FranceGovernor of the Bank of France, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Omer Becu21 August 19029 October 1982BelgiumBelgian labor leader, two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Elliott Bell25 September 1902January 1983USFinancial writer for The New York Times, Superintendent of Banks. Attended the 1960 and 1962 Bilderbergs
Hubert Beuve-Mery5 January 19026 August 1989FranceFounder of Le Monde
Anthony Buzzard28 April 190210 March 1972UKDirector of UK Naval Intelligence from 1951-1954. Attended the 3rd and 4th Bilderbergs after retiring
Heinrich Deist19028 March 1964GermanGerman politician
Thomas Dewey24 March 190216 March 1971USGovernor of New York, US lawyer, attended the 1957 February Bilderberg
Arnold Heeney5 April 190220 December 1970CanadaDeep State Canadian civil servant, then Ambassador to the United States. When PM Diefenbaker showed signs of independence, Heeney spent much time lobbying his own government against it.
Paul Huvelin22 July 19028 October 1995FranceFrench business leader. Attended Bilderberg the year before becoming leader of the National Council of French Employers (the Patronat).
C. D. Jackson16 March 190218 September 1964USOSS, US Deep sate operative, first Bilderberg
Halvard Lange16 September 190219 May 1970NorwaySuspected Norwegian deep state operative. Norwegian Foreign minister for nearly 20 years.
Pieter Lieftinck30 September 19029 July 1989NetherlandsDutch Minister of Finance for 7 years just after WW2. Attended the February 1957 Bilderberg Meeting
David McDonald22 November 19028 August 1979USUS labor leader who attended the February 1957 Bilderberg
Finn Moe12 October 19026 August 1971NorwayTransatlantic and pro-EU Norwegian politician who attended the First Bilderberg and two more in the 1950s
Mike Monroney2 March 190213 February 1980USUS politician who attended two early Bilderbergs
George Nebolsine1 May 1902March 1964US
Russian born naturalised US lawyer who attended all Bilderberg meetings until his death in 1964
Giulio Pastore17 August 190214 October 1969ItalyItalian labor leader who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn3 May 190229 June 1983UKScottish soldier/politician
Hartley Shawcross4 February 190210 July 2003UK
Charles Spofford17 November 190223 March 1991USPenta Bilderberger lawyer and suspected US deep state operative
Siegmund Warburg30 September 190222 October 1982GermanSpooky banker who co-founded S. G. Warburg & Co., employed Anthony Griffin.



Tekin Ariburun3 October 190313 October 1993TurkeyAttended the 1959 Bilderberg as Commander of the Turkish Air Force. Retired in 1960 because he was against the military coup. Briefly acting President of Turkey in 1973.
Pierre Bonvoisin19031982BelgiumAttended the first Bilderberg and three more. Father of Benoît de Bonvoisin
Auguste Cool28 August 19037 January 1983BelgiumBelgian labour leader and suspected deep state operative.
Gardner Cowles31 January 19038 July 1985USUS media mogul
Alec Douglas-Home2 July 19039 October 1995UKUK Prime Minister. Bilderberg chairman. Member of the Other Club
Felix von Eckardt18 June 190311 May 1979GermanImportant aide to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
Charles Foulkes3 January 190312 September 1969CanadaCanadian soldier who attended the 1961 Bilderberg
Chet Holifield3 December 19036 February 1995USDouble Bilderberger US politician. Strong proponent of all matters nuclear
Ugo La Malfa16 May 190326 March 1979ItalyItalian politician
Marcello Mathias15 August 19039 June 1999PortugalPortuguese diplomat
Etienne de la Vallee Poussin23 November 19034 October 1996BelgiumBelgian politician who attended the first Bilderberg and three more in the 1950s
Ludwig Rosenberg29 June 190323 October 1977GermanGerman Chief of Department of Foreign Affairs of the Trade Unions. Attended two more Bilderbergs in the 1950s after the first one.
Pasquale Saraceno14 June 190313 May 1991ItalyVery unusual Bilderberg Steering committee member in that he only attended a single Bilderberg.
Paul Martin Sr23 June 190314 September 1992CanadaBilderberg, as was his son
Jan Tinbergen12 April 19039 June 1994NetherlandsDutch economist who was awarded the first Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1969
André Voisin7 January 190321 December 1964FranceFrench chemist who attended the first Bilderberg and two others. Died suddenly of a heart attack in Cuba



Eric Ashby24 August 190422 October 1992UKCelebrated and much travelled UK academic who advised the 1970 Bilderberg on "The Environmental Problem".
Hans-Heinrich Herwarth von Bittenfeld14 July 190421 August 1999GermanGerman diplomat who spied for Britain during WW2. Went on to high positions in the West German foreign service, and attended the 1963 Bilderberg meeting.
Maurice Bridgeman26 January 190418 June 1980UKUK Businessman who attended the 1968 Bilderberg as Chair of BP
Raymond Cartier13 June 190418 February 1975FranceFrench journalist
Clifford Case16 April 19045 March 1982USA lawyer cum politician who attended the 1958 Bilderberg as a US Senator from New Jersey
Paul Chambers19041981UKChairman of ICI. Attended the 1963 and 1968 Bilderbergs.
René Clement-Cuzin19041966FranceAttended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s. Little known
Sefton Delmer24 May 19044 September 1979UKWWII UK propagandist, single Bilderberger
Erich Dethleffsen2 August 19044 July 1980GermanGerman Nazi general. 1958 Bilderberg
Roger Duchet4 July 19046 September 1981FranceFrench politician who attended the first Bilderberg in 1954
Johannes Green1904DenmarkDanish banker who attended the 1969 Bilderberg
Lawrence Hafstad18 June 190412 October 1993USIn 1954, he outlined the principles for export of US nuclear technology. Attended the February 1957 Bilderberg
Jacob Javits18 May 19047 March 1986USAttended the 1964 Bilderberg as United States Senator from New York
George Kennan16 February 190417 March 2005USSuspected US deep politician, member of the Georgetown Set
Kurt Georg Kiesinger6 April 19049 March 1988GermanFive early Bilderbergs, German Chancellor. Possible tool of the BND
Giovanni Malagodi12 October 190417 April 1991ItalyPresident of the Italian Senate, Attended the first Bilderberg and 8 others.
Alexander Menne20 June 19043 March 1993GermanGerman politician (FDP) who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Alighiero De Micheli20 December 19044 February 1995ItalyItalian businessmen, President of Confindustria 1955-1961
Roger Motz8 July 190427 March 1964BelgiumBelgian politician who attended 4 Bilderberg meetings in the 1950s, including the first one.
Duncan Oppenheim6 August 1904January 2003UKAttended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s as Chairman of British American Tobacco, and the 1968 Bilderberg as chairman of Chatham House
Frederick Payne24 July 190415 June 1978USUS former Senator
Rudolph Peterson6 December 19042 December 2003USAdministrator of the United Nations Development Programme in the 1970s
Giorgio La Pira9 January 19045 November 1977Italy
Norman Robertson4 March 190416 July 1968CanadaAttended the 1961 Bilderberg as ex-Canadian High Commissioner to the UK
Adolf W. Schmidt13 September 190417 December 2000USSpooky diplomat, Le Cercle, 1965 Bilderberg
William Schnitzler1904June 1983USUS single Bilderberg AFL–CIO/Secretary-Treasurer
H. Page Smith17 February 19044 January 1993USUS admiral who attended the 1964 Bilderberg as Commander in Chief of the United States Atlantic Fleet
Terkel Terkelsen11 August 190425 April 1985Denmark19 time Bilderberg visitor and editor of Berlingske Tidende
Ludovic Tron3 January 190424 October 1968FrancePresident of French deep state network Le Siècle for 15 years.



Theodore Achilles29 December 19058 April 1986USVery closely connected to the creation NATO
Raymond Aron14 March 190517 October 1983FranceFrench sociologist who attended 3 Bilderbergs from 1957 to 1966
Louis Camu11 April 190512 November 1976BelgiumBelgian banker and multi-Bilderberger.
Lammot du Pont Copeland19 May 19051 July 1983USPart of the influential DuPont chemical family, activist for population control
John Corson19052 September 1990USPart of the US governing set, in and out of government,academia and private business.
Sven Dahlman2 January 19056 May 2000SwedenSwedish diplomat and journalist
Donald Fleming23 May 190531 December 1986CanadaSingle Bilderberger
Oliver Franks16 February 190515 October 1992UKBilderberg UK Ambassador to the US, 'One of the founders of the postwar world'.
J. William Fulbright9 April 19059 February 1995USThe longest serving chairman in the history of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
William Gossett190520 July 1998USFord Motor Company executive appointed Deputy Special Representative for Trade Negotiations by JFK (on the advice of Robert S. McNamara)
Joseph Harsch25 May 19053 June 1998USAs correspondent for each of the three major broadcast US networks he "shaped as much as has any journalist the American public’s understanding of the breathtaking events of the 20th century". 1958 and 1962 Bilderbergs
Cyril Kleinwort17 August 19051980UKUK businessman
John Loudon27 June 19054 February 1996NetherlandsAnglo/Dutch CEO of Shell, and close friend with David Rockefeller. Attended the 1962, 1965, 1975 Bilderbergs.
Guy Mollet31 December 19053 October 1975FranceOne of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg group
Philip Mosely190513 January 1972USSpooky academic
Frits Philips16 April 19055 December 2005NetherlandsDutch Bilderberger businessman. Philips family with Philips Electronics.
Harry Pilkington29 April 190523 December 1983UKAttended the first Bilderberg as President of the Federation of British Industries, and two more in the 1950s
Jan-Herman van Royen10 April 190516 March 1991NetherlandsDutch politician
Alfred Schaefer30 January 19058 September 1986SwitzerlandAttended the 1970 Bilderberg as president of the supervisory board of UBS.
Urs Schwarz25 February 190512 October 1996SwitzerlandAttended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1960s as ex International Press Institute/President
Constantin Stavropoulos15 August 19056 November 1984Greece



Gilberto Bernardini28 August 19064 August 1995ItalyItalian physicist and academic. Director of CERN 1957-64.
George Barry Bingham10 February 190615 August 1988USKentucky media owner who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1950s. Ran the Marshall Plan in France in 1949.
Fernand Dehousse3 July 190610 August 1976BelgiumBelgian politician active in the construction of what later would become the European Union. Attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Hugh Gaitskell9 April 190618 January 1963UKA UK Labour politician who reportedly died of a rare illness in hospital.
Thomas Gates10 April 190625 March 1983USInvestment Banker, US secretary of defense for slightly over 1 year, attended the 1968 Bilderberg
Roswell Gilpatric11 April 190615 March 1996USSingle Bilderberg classmate of Charles W. Yost, Paul Nitze and Chapman Rose. US Deputy Secretary of Defense
Walter Gordon27 January 190621 March 1987CanadaTriple Bilderberger, President of the Canadian Privy Council
Jacob von Julin23 July 19061 June 1986FinlandFinnish industrialist who went to the 1971 Bilderberg
John Keswick19061982UKUK single Bilderberger businessman Jardine Matheson/SOE
Klaus Mehnert10 October 19062 January 1984GermanGerman scientist who attended the 1959 Bilderberg
Johan Nykopp27 May 190628 April 1993Finland10 times Bilderberger
Denis de Rougement8 September 19066 December 1985SwitzerlandAttended the first 4 Bilderbergs. Promoted European federalism
Arne Skaug6 November 19064 March 1974NorwayNorwegian diplomat who was made Ambassador to the UK the year after attending the 1961 Bilderberg
Hans Günther Sohl2 May 190613 November 1989GermanHead of Europe's biggest steel maker. Attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Michael Stewart6 November 190613 March 1990UKUK deep state functionary who caught a Bilderberg wind at the 1964 Bilderberg
Gunnar Strang23 December 19067 March 1992SwedenSwedish Finance Minister. Attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Mark Turner29 March 190613 December 1980UKUK bilderberg businessman



Herve Alphand31 May 190713 January 1994FranceBilderberger French diplomat
Karl Bendetsen11 October 190728 June 1989USArchitect of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. 1971 Bilderberg
Nuri Birgi19071986Turkey23 Bilderbergs, Turkish Permanent Representative to NATO
Kurt Birrenbach2 July 190726 December 1987German7 Bilderbergs, West German politician
Gian Cittadini-Cesi27 April 19071984ItalyItalian fascist diplomat and a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Pierre Commin3 January 190725 June 1958FranceFrench politician who suddenly died, reportedly of a heart attack, aged 51.
Geoffrey Crowther13 May 19075 February 1972UKAttended the Bilderberg in the 1950s twice as Editor of the Economist
Pierre Dreyfus18 November 190725 December 1994FranceFrench businessman
Pierre Mendès France11 January 190718 October 1982FrancePrime Minister of France in the 1950s, Bilderberg 1968, Le Siecle
Herbert Gross19071976GermanWriter for the Nazi magazine Das Reich who in 1946 founded the Handelsblatt. One of the first to fundamentally deal with public relations on a programmatic level in post-war West Germany. Attended the 3rd and 4th Bilderbergs.
Quintin Hogg9 October 190712 October 2001UKAt time of Bilderberg, possible candidate for leadership of UK Conservative Party
H. Montgomery Hyde14 August 190710 August 1989UKSpooky UK politician and lawyer who attended the first Bilderberg and one more.
Douglas Jay23 March 19076 March 1996UKUK politician
Hartland de M. Molson29 May 190728 September 2002CanadaCanadian politician
David Morse31 May 19071 December 1990USHeaded the International Labour Organization (ILO) until 1970. After the ILO, he started a CIA and deep state connected consulting partnership, offering global networking services to the top politicians in Europe and the Middle East, and doing lobbying work for among others the tobacco company Philip Morris. Attended the 1969 Bilderberg conference.
Paul Nitze16 January 190719 October 2004USUS deep politician, hawkish United States Deputy Secretary of Defense.
Lauris Norstad24 March 190712 September 1988In 1945, drew up plans to launch a nuclear attack on the USSR. Made SACEUR for over 6 years in the 1950s.
Edwin Plowden6 January 190715 February 2001UKUK businessman
Walter Reuther1 September 19079 May 1970USBilderberger labor leader, small plane crash victim.
Frank Roberts27 October 19077 January 1998UKUK diplomat who played a key role in British diplomacy in the early years of the Cold War. Chairman of the steering committee of the Königswinter conference. On the council of Chatham House. Attended the 1969 and 1977 Bilderberg conferences.
Eric Roll1 December 190730 March 2005UKAttended 36 Bilderberg conferences - more than anyone else from UK.
Altiero Spinelli31 August 190723 May 1986ItalyItalian politician, referred to as one of the founding fathers of the European Union.
Paul Stehlin11 August 190722 June 1975FranceFrench politician who went to the 1973 Bilderberg and who died after a traffic accident in 1975
Dolf Sternberger28 July 190727 July 1989GermanGerman academic who attended the third and fourth Bilderbergs
Jean Charles Snoy et d'Oppuers2 July 190717 May 1991BelgiumPresident of the European League for Economic Cooperation, Bilderberg Steering Committee



Hubert Ansiaux24 November 19089 April 1987BelgiumDouble Bilderberger who was Governor of the National Bank of Belgium for 14 years. Involved in setting up the International Monetary Fund.
Walworth Barbour4 June 190821 July 1982USUS Ambassador to Israel for 12 years
Luigi Barzini21 December 190830 March 1984ItalyItalian anti-communist journalist and politician, Attended 1980 Bilderberg meeting.
Bjarni Benediktsson30 April 190810 July 1970IcelandMain responsible for Iceland joining NATO in 1949, against significant opposition, and for giving the United States Air Force a lease on Keflavík Airport. Prime Minister of Iceland for most of the 1960s. Died in 1970 from a fire soon after his 4th Bilderberg
Ihsan Sabri Caglayangil190830 December 1993TurkeyTurkish politician who lost his job 3 times in separate military coups. Bilderberg/1975
Roger Seydoux de Clausonne19083 July 1985Francespooky French diplomat who attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Vecdi Diker190813 July 1997TurkeyUS-educated Turkish engineer and Directorate of Highways. Early Bilderberg guest.
Clarence Dunlap1 January 190820 October 2003CanadaCanadian air force officer who was at NATO in 1959. Deputy commander-in-chief of NORAD in the 1960s.
Amintore Fanfani6 February 190820 November 1999ItalyQuad bilderberger, Italian PM
Marcel Faribault8 October 190826 May 1972CanadaCanadian notary, businessman and administrator.
Edgar Faure18 August 190830 March 1988FranceDouble Bilderberger French PM
Lucie Faure6 July 190825 September 1977FranceWife of Edgar Faure, President of the National Assembly and former French PM. 1974 Bilderberg.
Henri Fayat28 June 190821 September 1997BelgiumBelgian socialist politician strongly promoting the rights of the Flemish-speakers. Also strongly anglophile.
Charles Forte26 November 190828 February 2007UKUK hotelier. Single Bilderberger
Jean de la Garde29 March 190811 January 1984France
Emanuele Gazzo2 August 190825 August 1994ItalyItalian journalist who was involved involved the European Federalist movement. His national affiliation is written as "international" in the 1971 Bilderberg report.
H. John Heinz II10 July 190823 February 1987US34 Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg Steering & Advisory Committees
Milton Katz1908August 1995USA professor at Harvard University who attended the 1962 Bilderberg
J. Ward Keener6 August 19082 January 1981USUS businessman who went to the 1968 Bilderberg
Richard Löwenthal15 April 19089 August 1991GermanA Jewish exile from Nazi Germany, he soon was attached to US and UK intelligence services. After the war became a major intellectual in the Social Democratic Party of Germany, and often consulted by the SPD’s leaders, especially Willy Brandt and Ernst Reuter. He attended the 1968 Bilderberg conference.
Sicco Mansholt13 September 190829 June 1995NetherlandsAttended the 1963 and 1964 Bilderbergs as European Commissioner for Agriculture
Guido Colonna di Paliano16 April 190827 January 1982ItalySDS connected Italian aristocrat. Deputy Secretary General of NATO 1962-64.
Aurelio Peccei4 July 190814 March 1984ItalyItalian businessman who attended 4 Bilderbergs in the 1960s, founder of the Club of Rome
Emanuel Piore19 July 19089 May 2000US
Louis Rasminsky1 February 190815 September 1998CanadaGovernor of the Bank of Canada from 1961 to 1973
Eberhard Reinhardt8 November 190810 October 1977SwitzerlandSwiss banker lawyer who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Nelson Rockefeller8 July 190826 January 1979US
Hans Schaffner16 December 190826 November 2004SwitzerlandSwiss politician and member of the Swiss Federal Council (1961–1970).
Max Schmidheiny3 April 190819 August 1991SwitzerlandOne of the most influential captains of industry in Switzerland in the 20th century
Manuel R. Espirito Santo Silva30 September 190828 January 1973PortugalDouble bilderberger who had a premature death.
Shepard Stone31 March 19084 May 1990USNew York Times propagandist and Bilderberg Steering committee member who was Director of International Affairs of the Ford Foundation for 15 years.
J. V. Thygesen1908Denmark
Robert Vandeputte26 February 190818 November 1997Belgium
Francis Wilcox9 April 190820 February 1985USState dept official on the Committee on the Present Danger, attended 2 early Bilderbergs
Kenneth Younger15 December 190819 May 1976UKUK Spook, Labour politician, diplomat, Chatham House



George Ball21 December 190926 May 1994USUS deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Robert R. Bowie24 August 19092 November 2013USWrote item one of the agenda of the 1966 Bilderberg, on the need to reorganise NATO.
Andrew Cohen7 October 190917 June 1968UKUK colonial administrator who attended the 1966 Bilderberg
Donald Cook14 April 190916 December 1981USUS financier who attended the 1965 Bilderberg when he was a candidate for Secretary of the Treasury. President LBJ though he was “the smartest man in the country”.
Douglas Dillon21 August 190910 January 2003USBilderberg, Brookings, Committee on the Present Danger, CFR, US/Secretary of the Treasury...
Marion Dönhoff2 December 190911 March 2002GermanSpooky German journalist
Gérard Filion18 August 190926 March 2005CanadaCanadian businessman and journalist who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Nail Gidel19092 March 1981TurkeyAttended the 1959 Bilderberg as Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Guillaume Guindey19 June 190911 March 1989FranceQuad Bilderberg BIS General Manager
Gunnar Heckscher8 July 190924 November 1987SwedenChairman of the Preparedness Committee for Psychological Defense. Attended the 1962 Bilderberg as Leader of the (later) Swedish Moderate Party.
Michael Heilperin19091971PolandPolish economist friend and colleague of Ludwig von Mises who attended 5 Bilderbergs up to 1960.
Alexander King19092007UKCo-founded the Club of Rome. 1970 Bilderberg
Gunnar Lange9 March 190916 September 1976SwedenSwedish Social Democrat politician and Minister of Trade 1955-1970. He attended the 1962 Bilderberg meeting.
Sjur Lindebrække6 April 19091 October 1998Norway«Father of the modern Norwegian Conservative Party» who persuaded it to support NATO. Attended September 1956 and 1956 Bilderberg meetings.
Pierre Liotard-Vogt14 December 190915 November 1987SwitzerlandAttended the 1970, 1974, 1977 and 1980 Bilderberg conferences as President of Nestlé. He was very involved in the French Center for Child Protection.
Joseph Irwin Miller26 May 190919 August 2004USUS industrialist and architecture patron.
Stavros Niarchos3 July 190916 April 1996GreeceGreek shipping magnate. Bilderberger
James Reston3 November 19096 December 1995USGeorgetown Set, Bilderberg 1965
Dean Rusk9 February 190920 December 1994USVery long serving US Secretary of State, 5 visits to the Bilderberg
Frank Wisner23 June 190929 October 1965US deep politician, and an architect of Operation Mockingbird. Reportedly killed himself.
Henri Yrissou15 May 190921 June 2009FranceDeep politician Antoine Pinay's chief of staff from 1950 to 1955



Emilio Collado19109 February 1995USBig oil, Bilderberg Steering committee.
Poul Louis Justman Jacob19101991NetherlandsChairman of Dutch state steel company Koninklijke Hoogovens in the 20th century.
Frank Nash191012 December 1957USUS Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, who went to one Bilderberg. Died 10 months later of a heart attack.
Howard Petersen19101995USUS financier
François de Rose19102014FranceSingle Bilderbeger

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