Philip Mosely

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Person.png Philip MoselyRdf-icon.png
(academic, spook, deep state functionary)
Born 1905
Died 13 January 1972 (Age 66)
Nationality USA
Alma mater Harvard University
Spouse Ruth Bissel Mosely
Interests USSR
Spooky academic

Dr. Philip E. Mosely was an academic who worked for the US state department and recruited for the CIA.


He married in 1939.[1]

He worked for Colombia University from 1940 to 1942, but spent the next 4 years working for the US state department. He was an adviser to United States Secretary of State Cordell Hull at the Moscow Conference in 1943.[2]

In 1946 he founded the Russian institute at Columbia University, which he directed from 1951 to 1955.[2]

In 1968 Mosely, as Associate Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University recruited Frank Snepp into the CIA.[3]


He corresponded with various US establishment figures, including George Kennan (between 1951 and 1953), Chester Bowles, William Buckley and Richard Pipes (1954-55), Nelson Rockefeller (1956-57) and Averell Harriman[1]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/195813 September 1958 - 15 September 1958Buxton
United Kingdom