Jean de la Garde

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Born29 March 1908
Died11 January 1984 (Age 75)
Parents • Henri Vyau de Lagarde
• Marie-Calixte Vyau de Lagarde

Employment.png France/Ambassador/Luxembourg

In office
April 1962 - August 1964

Employment.png France/Ambassador/Senegal

In office
1965 - 1969
Also covering Gambia

Employment.png France/Ambassador/India

In office
2 April 1970 - 5 July 1972

Jean de la Garde is tentatively identified as a French diplomat, also spelled Jean Vyau de Lagarde.


Son of Henri and Marie-Calixte Vyau de Lagarde, Count Jean de Lagarde had a brilliant diplomatic career in the service of France. Successively posted in Warsaw then in Bucharest as secretary of the Legation, he participated in a "Balkans" network which passed, with the help of Colonel Neuhauser, political, military and economic information on Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria to the Gaullist (Free French) intelligence branches in Istanbul and Beirut. The network also protected and aided the passage to Turkey of French prisoners of war who escaped from the German camps of annexed Poland.[1]

After the war he served in San Francisco and New York as consul general and finally in Mexico, Luxembourg, Senegal and Gambia, then in India as an ambassador.[2]

A convinced European, the Comte de Lagarde was an officer of the Legion of Honor, Commander of the National Order of Merit.

His daughter, Marie-Calixte, married in 1974 Pierre Bordeaux Groult, industrialist and founding president of the Action Committee for the European Union (Comité d’action pour l’Union européenne).[2]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/1957 February15 February 195717 February 1957US
St Simons Island
Georgia (State)
The earliest ever Bilderberg in the year, number 5, was also first one outside Europe.