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Exposed byFletcher Prouty
Membership• Lyndon Johnson
• Allan Dulles
• J. Edgar Hoover
• Clint Murchison Sr.
• H.L. Hunt
• Clay Shaw
• D.H. Byrd
• Curtis Le May
• George H. W. Bush
• Prescott Bush
• Carlos Marcello
• E. Howard Hunt
• Lucian Sarti
• Ted Shackley
• David Sanchez Morales
• Edward Lansdale
• William Harvey
• Tracy Barnes
• James Jesus Angleton
• David Atlee Phillips
• Richard Helms
• Richard Bissell
• Edward A Clark
• Frank Sturgis
• Cord Meyer
• Antonio Veciana
Mark Gorton terms this group "the cabal" and suggests that they are responsible for a large number of treasonous crimes up to the present day. The group includes two subsequent US presidents, Lyndon Johnson and George H. W. Bush.

The group which planned the JFK assassination were an originally loose cabal of his wealthy and socially influential enemies. Their collaboration did not end on the day itself; the group's common interest in avoiding public exposure fused the group into a powerful deep political force, "The Cabal", which has had a near complete[1] control of the US presidency ever since.

In his 2013 essay, Mark Gorton identified[2]:

Gorton states that "the clearest evidence of the military involvement in the Coup can be seen in handling of the autopsy... [which] was conducted at Bethesda Naval hospital outside of Washington, DC under control of the top military brass. The lead agency in the cover up was the FBI. The FBI was pushing the “Oswald did it”, “case closed” party line within 2 hours of JFK’s death."

Fletcher Prouty suggested Edward Lansdale was the chief organiser.

James Douglass doubts that LBJ was the chief organiser. He also names several in cabal. Including:

New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison charged CIA operative Clay Shaw with the assassination of president Kennedy.

In 'Blood, Money and Power' Barr McClellan, one of LBJ's top lawyers, suggests that Texan attorney Edward A Clark was the key organiser of the assassination of JFK. Clark controlled LBJ's financial, legal and political fortunes for three decades. LBJ's future was looking increasingly uncertain with the rapid advance of the Bobby Baker legal case threatening to bring some of Johnson's crimes to light.[4]


E Howard Hunt a CIA agent and Watergate burglar made a deathbed confession. Terming the operation to kill John F. Kennedy by the cabal as "The Big Event", he described his role as a "benchwarmer". His confession named:

  • Cord Meyer: CIA agent, Architect of Operation Mockingbird, and ex husband of Mary Meyer (who had an affair with JFK)
  • Antonio Veciana: Cuban Exile, Founder of Alpha 66, involved in assassination attempts of Fidel Castro, operation 40
  • Frank Sturgis: CIA agent, Bay of Pigs Mercenary, Watergate Burglar, recorded with patsy Lee Harvey Oswald[5]

He includes already listed:

A CIA operative Marita Lorenz testified at the 1985 liberty lobby trial that on Nov. 21, 1963 — the day prior to the JFK assassination — she arrived in Dallas in a two-car caravan from Miami. Accompanying her were several CIA operatives, armed with telescopic rifles, including Frank Sturgis who (years later) participated with Hunt in the Watergate burglary. She didn’t know the purpose of the mission, but upon arrival, the travelers met with Hunt, who acted as their paymaster, and also Jack Ruby who, days later, killed the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Uncomfortable, sensing something “big, very big,” was impending, she left Dallas that same day. Later Sturgis told her how big the mission had been: the assassination of President Kennedy. [7] Later NYPD detective James Rothstein arrested Frank Sturgis for trying to kill Marita Lorenz. He later explained that Sturgis confessed to being one of the grassy knoll gunmen. [8]

David Atlee Phillips admitted to his brother James Atlee Phillips and that he was in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination. Leading him to believe CIA conspiracy to kill JFK. "Were you in Dallas that day?" asked James. David responded "yes" [9]

CIA operative Chauncy Holt confessed to forging false identities for patsy Lee Harvey Oswald under the alias Alek Hidell and knowledge of a CIA plot to kill JFK.


"Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?" - David Sanchez Morales[10]

"After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That's no threat that's a promise''- Lyndon B Johnson (November 21, 1963) "Texas oil and renegade intelligence bastards in washington had been responsible''- Lyndon B Johnson [11]

"Carlos Marcello screwed up. We shouldn't have killed John. We should have killed Bobby." - Santos Trafficante[12]

"The Death of John F. Kennedy was a coup, an internal conspiracy'' - Antonio Veciana [13] Antonio Veciana later identified his CIA contact Maurice Bishop as David Atlee Phillips. He states he saw him meet with patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas in September 1963. Several months later after the assassination Bishop offered to pay a relative who worked at Cuban intelligence directorate to publicly say he (Veciana) met Oswald.


John F. Kennedy was following a personal agenda which threatened the interests of many of the members of the shadow government. He had announced a reduction of the US military involvement in Vietnam, and was making earnest efforts to end the cold war. This was understood as an existential threat by the US military-industrial-congressional complex.

Kennedy opposed secret societies and attempted to end Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program. He also tried to end the federal reserve threatening oilmen's profit and the bankers' power. And unlike his successor he opposed the staging of false flag events. He left 1400 CIA mercenaries to be killed or captured in the Bay of Pigs invasion [14]

LBJ was an extremely ambitious man who has set his sights on becoming US president [15]. Kennedy had personally angered many influential establishment figures, such as Allan Dulles, whom he fired. His real popularity amongst the US people encouraged him to be independent of the establishment.


Events carried out

J. D. Tippit/MurderUS
An accessory murder to the JFK assassination
Grassy knoll
The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy was the seminal deep political event of modern times, perhaps even more than 9-11. Both were done by the same group. Subsequently the group assassinated RFK, MLK and many others to try to contain the truth.


Known members

25 of the 26 of the members already have pages here:

James Jesus Angleton"The dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world", according to Richard Helms, DCI.
Tracy BarnesUS Deep state actor involved in the Bay of Pigs
Richard M. BissellMember of The Georgetown Set strongly suspected of being involved in the JFK Assassination
George H. W. BushSkull and bones mastermind of the bush family busine$$.
Prescott BushBonesman father of the Bush family
David Harold ByrdTexas oilman with connection to LBJ, who made millions of dollars from the JFK assassination.
Edward Clark
Allen DullesDulles served the longest ever term as Director of Central Intelligence and dominated American intelligence for a generation. He personified a cadre of Ivy League pragmatic elitists in high echelons of the government who greatly admired Germany’s scientific achievements.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> Dulles was fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs and bore a grudge against him thereafter.
William HarveyA deep state actor who was involved in the JFK assassination.
Richard Helms
J. Edgar HooverUS Deep politician whose position as long time FBI head allowed him to make extensive use of sexual blackmail.
E. Howard HuntA CIA officer and USDSO. Heavily involved in both the Watergate Coup and the assassination of JFK.
H. L. HuntBillionaire Texas oil tycoon who joined the US deep state through his involvement in the assassination of JFK.
Lyndon JohnsonGenerally agreed to have been heavily involved in the plot to assassinate his predecessor, JFK.
Edward Lansdale
Curtis LeMay
Carlos MarcelloNew Orleans mafia boss with JFK assassination connections.
Cord MeyerCIA spook who may have run the cover up of the JFK assassination
David Sánchez MoralesHard drinking and physically imposing, David Sánchez Morales was somewhat indiscreet and suffered a sudden death just before he was due to testify to the HSCA.
David Atlee PhillipsWidely fingered as a key player in the JFK Assassination.
Lucien Sarti
Theodore ShackleyA key member of the US deep state, involved in a huge list of deep events from the JFK assassination, Iran Contra, Arms for Libya and possibly also 9-11
Clay ShawThe only person prosecuted in connection with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Clint Murchison SrTexas oil millionaire, loathed JFK.
Frank SturgisAn spooky assassin involved in so many deep state operations that his FBI file was over 75000 pages.


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