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A civil servant working for a state-owned company. For contact please email;



Rian van Rijbroek research and reading and locally archiving ISGP.


Worked on Dutch media companies.


Jun (talk) Currently quite busy, There are 3 teams on the site; Corona, II and normal extending. Midsummer I'm working on the Dutch Cluster members.Jun (talk) Worked on Dutch presidents Ruud Lubbers & Jan Peter Balkenende. Archiving a lot of old deep state revelations from before social media to educate youth and prepare hit pieces from Dutch media.


Projects to work on - Mainly a backup mechanism to point them here in mostly chronological order;

1a. wikispooks editor portal/projects, Yuri Bezmenov, Marietje Schaake, Rita Verdonk, Wkispooks social media, Banned from China list, Wikileaks Dutch vital infra-list - AMS-IX "top users".

1b. Dutch general elections Hugo de Jonge, HCSS 11 person list/contact. CIA/SDS Black site program, Covid-19, Wikileaks cables + leaders analysis

2. Circular traffic" (Nieuwsuur) - Hcards, Jason Walters, Dries van Agt, Mark Rutte, (Joseph Luns). Netherlands/Member of the House of Representatives - similar pages to add to hcard, Willem Drees - Ahmed Aboutaleb, Winnie Sorgdrager, Frans Timmermans, , Rob Bertholee, Hindawi Plot,

2.Dutch Deep State - Operation Gladio B; several burned AIVD agents in political parties 2.b Dutch Institutions = Universities, Government services etc 2.c European investigative journalism.

3.Dutch Media pages and taking some more advanced IT courses, and some MediaWiki courses, try to support the crowdfunding bill.

4.Dutch TV, Corporate Companies;

5.International entertainment companies and events and their relations to nefarious activities (this has a conditional)

6.Archiving all my sources;

Most viewed pages

1 Rian van Rijbroek

2. MiVD

3. Mark Rutte

Personal notes

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