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Thanks for visiting this page. If you have some free time and have some more information on countries not touched a lot here on Wikispooks, please consider registering and messaging me. I'd always help when having free time!


A Dutch civics student interested in politics. Specialised in Dutch politics, and civic studies and will contribute about Dutch politics and those individuals and their connections in particular. Coming from a family of life long civil servants and military officers, I've accepted life will never be fair or without corruption. Also believe corruption will always be where power is located, but monitored by sites like these will always give individuals the opportunity to discover the world for what it is, whatever that may be. According to the political compass a Democratic Socialist, but I don't believe in voting. Religiously an atheist, although rather agnostic when acknowledging the complexity of the Fermi Paradox.


Discovered the site... after being quite traumatic about the events of 9/11 (what a surprise right, how did we let that one slip you think now in hindsight). Have been more interested in geopolitical development since childhood. Lots of free time at home in dangerous parts of a drug-infested country makes your friend the best TV. Sometimes sitting in front of the TV - watching the news cycle - all day can be good I guess.

My work

Started in 2017.

Recommendations for Dutch pages?

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Jun (talk) Currently quite busy, There are 3 teams on the site; Corona, II and normal extending. Midsummer I'm working on the Dutch Cluster members.Jun (talk)


Projects to work on - Mainly a back-up mechanism to point them here in mostly chronological order;

1."Circular traffic" (this means connecting my articles by providing "red links" with (stubbed) articles and correcting articles when new information arises or just plain grammar errors (example Nieuwsuur) - Jason Walters (future page)

2.Dutch/Deep State - Operation Gladio B;

3.Dutch Media pages and taking some more advanced IT courses, and some MediaWiki courses, try to support the crowdfunding bill.

4.Dutch TV, Corporate Companies;

5.International entertainment companies and events and their relations to nefarious activities (this has a conditional)

6.Archiving all my sources;