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For contact please email;


Currently on vacation/hiatus, thank you Boris Johnson (i know boo him right, right, right). Still on extended vacation trying to spend all my vacation days until forced vaticinations become a reality. PS: Still no vaccinations! But still more vacation to come. --Jun (talk) 01:42, 9 September 2021 (UTC)

Robin sent an email to Wikispooks editors a few weeks ago about some of the problems with the vaccination. Don't forget coerced injections, or even pressure to take medical treatments, are still illegal, both according to most national law and in human rights law and treaties. Telegram channel Robin Monotti Grazadei from time to time links to quality legal resources. All the best. Terje (talk) 02:15, 9 September 2021 (UTC)---

How you're doing, thx for the heads up as I'm really having trouble disciplining myself as the COVID-pass will be mandatory next week here. Looks like I'll have to test everyday to just enter a mickey d's. I'll check that Telegram channel. If you have some other sources, feel free to e-mail me.. as I can't find Robin's message in my folders. Jun (talk) 13:52, 15 September 2021 (UTC)--