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Baldwin-Wallace College1845
Baylor University1845
Queen's University Belfast1845
University College Galway1845
Associated Press1846
Boston Herald1846
University at Buffalo1846
Edward Smith-Stanley29 June 1846
John Russell (UK PM)30 June 1846
Henry John Temple6 July 1846
Iowa/Senator28 December 1846
Lionel de Rothschild1847
Xavier High School1847
University of Iowa1847
Abraham Lincoln4 March 1847
President of Guatemala21 March 1847
Liberia26 July 1847
Siemens1 October 1847
Muhlenberg College1848
Democratic National Committee/Chair1848
BNP Paribas1848
University of Mississippi1848
Switzerland/Federal Council/Member1848
Switzerland/Head of the Department of Finance1848
Frédéric Bastiat1848
Lazard Freres1848
University of Ottawa1848
Hungary/Prime Minister17 March 1848
Denmark/Prime Minister22 March 1848
Denmark/Ministry of Justice22 March 1848
Denmark/Minister/Justice22 March 1848
Netherlands/Prime Minister25 March 1848
US/Ambassador/Egypt14 August 1848
Napoleon III20 December 1848
Phi Delta Theta26 December 1848
Diocesan College1849
Helsinki University of Technology1849
United States Secretary of the Interior3 March 1849
Zachary Taylor4 March 1849
California/Governor20 December 1849
1850s1 January 1850
San Francisco/Mayor1850
Los Angeles/Mayor1850
Lehman Brothers1850
University of Rochester1850
University of Dayton1850
University of Sydney1850
Speaker of the Folketing3 January 1850
University of Utah28 February 1850
National Bank of Belgium5 May 1850
Harper's MagazineJune 1850
Hope College1851
Albany Law School1851
Santa Clara University1851
University of the Pacific1851
University of Minnesota1851
New York Times18 September 1851
Granville Leveson-Gower26 December 1851
St. Mary's University1852
Université Laval1852
Edward Smith-Stanley23 February 1852
John Russell (UK PM)23 February 1852
Benjamin Disraeli27 February 1852
James Harris27 February 1852
University of St. Michael's College15 September 1852
Napoleon III2 December 1852
George Hamilton-Gordon19 December 1852
Edward Smith-Stanley19 December 1852
Granville Leveson-Gower28 December 1852
Henry John Temple28 December 1852
John Russell (UK PM)28 December 1852
University of Melbourne1853
Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary1853
University of Florida1853
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil22 August 1853
Hamline University1854
Huntingdon College1854
Lille University of Science and Technology1854
Lincoln University (Pennsylvania)1854
Sydney Grammar1854
Ohio Central College1854
University College Dublin1854
Nicaragua/President30 April 1854
John Russell (UK PM)12 June 1854
Secretary of State for Health14 October 1854
Secretary of State for Health and Social Services14 October 1854
Pennsylvania State University1855
William Paterson University1855
ETH Zurich1855
The College of New Jersey1855
University of San Francisco1855
Geelong Grammar School1855
Henry John Temple6 February 1855
Granville Leveson-Gower8 February 1855
John Russell (UK PM)23 February 1855
The Daily Telegraph29 June 1855
Credit Suisse1856
University of Maryland1856
Auburn University7 February 1856
NZ/Prime Minister7 May 1856
Queens University of Charlotte1857
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania1857
UK/Secretary of State for Education5 February 1857
Ardingly College1858
General Medical Council1858
Henry John Temple19 February 1858
Edward Smith-Stanley20 February 1858
Benjamin Disraeli26 February 1858
James Harris26 February 1858
Melbourne Grammar7 April 1858
Wellington College1859
Ateneo de Manila University1859
University of Florence1859
University of Illinois at Chicago1859
John Dalberg-Acton19 May 1859
UK/Liberal Party9 June 1859
Edward Smith-Stanley11 June 1859
Henry John Temple12 June 1859
Granville Leveson-Gower18 June 1859
John Russell (UK PM)18 June 1859
US/Ambassador/Japan5 November 1859
Augustana College1860
1860s1 January 1860
Blackrock College1860
Louisiana State University1860
Bard College1860
Aftenposten14 May 1860
American Civil War1861
Vassar College1861
University of Washington1861
Liberal Party of Canada1861
Abraham Lincoln4 March 1861
President of the Italian Senate17 March 1861
Italy/Prime Minister17 March 1861
Chauncey Depew1 January 1862
University of Maine1862
University of Southampton1862
University of South Dakota1862
Romania/Prime Minister22 January 1862
US/Ambassador/Haiti12 July 1862
Otto von Bismarck23 September 1862
Otto von Bismarck23 November 1862
Book and Snake1863
Comptroller of the Currency1863
Red Cross1863
Robert College1863
Polytechnic University of Milan1863
Social Democratic Party of Germany1863
Red Cross/President1863
Adelphi University1863
Boğaziçi University1863
Boston College1863
University of Jyväskylä1863
Kansas State University1863
Social Democratic Party of Austria1863
Adelaide Club1863
US/Ambassador/El Salvador15 June 1863
University of Denver1864
Swarthmore College1864
Chauncey Depew1 January 1864
Andrew Dickson White1864
University of Bucharest1864
Oxford Brookes University1865
Nathan Rothschild (1st Baron Rothschild)1865
Indiana State University1865
Standard Oil1865
University of Kansas1865
University of Kentucky1865
HSBC3 March 1865
US/Secret Service5 July 1865
US/Secret Service/Director5 July 1865
John Dalberg-Acton25 July 1865
John Russell (UK PM)29 October 1865
US/House/Committee/Financial Services11 December 1865
American University of Beirut1866
Andrew Dickson White1866
University of New Hampshire1866
Edward Smith-Stanley28 June 1866
John Russell (UK PM)28 June 1866
Benjamin Disraeli6 July 1866
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil6 July 1866
Kuhn Loeb & Co1867
Morgan State University1867
Premier of New Brunswick1867
University of Illinois1867
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign1867
La Stampa1 February 1867
James Garfield4 March 1867
James Garfield4 March 1867
Governor General of Canada1 July 1867
Germany/Chancellor1 July 1867
Otto von Bismarck1 July 1867
Canada/Prime Minister1 July 1867
Canada/Privy Council/President1 July 1867
US/Ambassador/Uruguay2 October 1867
Council of Foreign Bondholders1868
Oregon State University1868
Press Association1868
Ca' Foscari University of Venice1868
Technical University of Munich1868
Bishop's Stortford College1868
Benjamin Disraeli27 February 1868
University of California23 March 1868
Henry Campbell-Bannerman17 November 1868
Benjamin Disraeli1 December 1868
William Gladstone3 December 1868
Lionel de Rothschild1869
St. Cloud State University1869
Potchefstroom University1869
Goldman Sachs1869
Canada/High Commissioner/UK1869
University of Nebraska–Lincoln15 February 1869
Ohio State University1870
1870s1 January 1870
Stevens Institute of Technology1870
Georgetown University/Law Center1870
Syracuse University1870
German Federal Foreign Office1870
University of Akron1870
Fettes College1870
University of Portsmouth1870
US/DOJ1 July 1870
Granville Leveson-Gower6 July 1870
Solicitor General of the United StatesOctober 1870
Ohio Northern University1871
Texas A&M University1871
Cambridge University/Newnham College1871
Texas A1871
Grover Cleveland1 January 1871
Social Democrats (Denmark)1871
University of Arkansas1871
Smith College1871
University of Otago1871
James Garfield4 March 1871
Otto von Bismarck21 March 1871
Surgeon General of the United States29 March 1871
Henry Campbell-Bannerman15 November 1871
Sciences Po1872
Aberystwyth University1872
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University1872
Thomas Baring3 May 1872
Norway/Prime Minister1873
Rio Tinto Group1873
William Penn University1873
University of South Africa1873
Scottish American Investment Company29 March 1873
Otto von Bismarck9 November 1873
Edward Douglass White1874
Adelaide University1874
Eastern Kentucky University1874
University of Guelph1874
Switzerland/Supreme Court1874
Benjamin Disraeli20 February 1874
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil21 February 1874
Spencer Cavendish1875
Chernivtsi University1875
Oslo Commerce School1875
Brigham Young University1875
Queen Margaret University1875
Aligarh Muslim University1875
Nelson Aldrich1875
University of Birmingham23 February 1875
High Court of Justice1 November 1875
Johns Hopkins University1876
William Hunt1876
Eli Lilly1876
Calvin College1876
University of Oregon1876
University of Northern Iowa1876
US/Coast Guard/Academy1876
University of Colorado at Boulder1876
University of Colorado1876
Alphonso Taft8 March 1876
Corriere della Sera15 March 1876
Sweden/Prime Minister20 March 1876
Alphonso Taft22 May 1876
Colorado/Governor1 August 1876
The Washington Post1877
University of Tokyo1877
Oxford University/Wycliffe Hall1877
De Groene Amsterdammer1877
George Fisher Baker1877
University of Northumbria1877
University of Manitoba1877
William McKinley4 March 1877
William McKinley4 March 1877
Bohemian Grove1878
Oxford University/Lady Margaret Hall1878
William Hunt1878
University of Western Ontario1878
Southwest Baptist University1878
University of California/Hastings College of the Law1878
UK/High Commissioner/Cyprus1878
University of Southern Maine1878
University of Montreal1878
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil2 April 1878
Germany/Vice Chancellor1 June 1878
Egyptian Prime Minister28 August 1878
Sullivan & Cromwell1879
Technical University of Berlin1879
Oxford University/St Anne's College1879
Nelson Aldrich4 March 1879
William McKinley4 March 1879
William McKinley4 March 1879
Andrew Dickson White19 June 1879
University of Southern California1880
1880s1 January 1880
National Bank of Romania1880
Institut Le Rosey1880
Dresser Industries1880
Houston Post18 February 1880
Benjamin Disraeli21 April 1880
William Gladstone23 April 1880
Henry Campbell-Bannerman28 April 1880
Granville Leveson-Gower28 April 1880
US/Ambassador/Romania11 June 1880
William Hunt1881
Wharton School of Finance1881
Meiji University1881
Tokyo Institute of Technology1881
Spelman College1881
University of Liverpool1881
University of Connecticut1881
University of Nottingham1881
William McKinley4 March 1881
Benjamin Harrison4 March 1881
James Garfield4 March 1881
William McKinley4 March 1881
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-CecilMay 1881
Archibald PrimroseAugust 1881
Nelson Aldrich5 October 1881
Naval Intelligence Division1882
Theodore Roosevelt1 January 1882
William Hunt1882
Panjab University1882
General Military Academy1882
University of California/Los Angeles1882
Grover Cleveland2 January 1882
Office of Naval Intelligence23 March 1882
Director of Naval IntelligenceJune 1882
Alphonso Taft30 June 1882
US/Ambassador/Thailand13 July 1882
Oliver Wendell Holmes15 December 1882
Grover Cleveland1 January 1883
Theodore Roosevelt1 January 1883
Theodore Roosevelt1 January 1883
Auckland University1883
Marmara University1883
University of Guayaquil1883
Cardiff University1883
University of North Dakota1883
US/Ambassador/South Korea1883
University of Auckland1883
University of Texas at Austin1883
Life Magazine4 January 1883
UK Special BranchMarch 1883
William McKinley4 March 1883
William McKinley4 March 1883
Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice23 October 1883
Fabian Society1884
American Historical Association1884
Patrick Joseph Kennedy1884
Patrick Joseph Kennedy1884
Andrew Dickson White1884
Tampa Bay Times1884
Wolf's Head1884
Bangor University1884
Temple University1884
Alibi Club1884
Ferris State University1884
Alphonso Taft3 September 1884
Henry Campbell-Bannerman23 October 1884
Berlin Conference15 November 1884
University of Arizona1885
Bryn Mawr College1885
American Economic Association1885
Arizona State University1885
Yonsei University1885
South Dakota School of Mines1885
Dakota Wesleyan University1885
Eugene Debs1885
Archibald Primrose13 February 1885
William McKinley4 March 1885
Joseph Pulitzer4 March 1885
William McKinley4 March 1885
Robert La Follette4 March 1885
Grover Cleveland4 March 1885
William Collins Whitney7 March 1885
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil23 June 1885
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil24 June 1885
Prime Minister of Japan22 December 1885
Carleton College1886
Johnson & Johnson1886
University of Wyoming1886
Jewish Theological Seminary of America1886
University of Deusto1886
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil28 January 1886
William Gladstone1 February 1886
Henry Campbell-Bannerman6 February 1886
Archibald Primrose6 February 1886
James Bryce7 February 1886
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil25 July 1886
Herbert Asquith27 July 1886
Arthur Balfour5 August 1886
Norwegian Labour Party/Leader1887
Catholic University of America1887
Nebraska Wesleyan University1887
North Carolina State University1887
Troy State University1887
McMaster University1887
Johnson & Johnson/CEO1887
Florida A&M University1887
Pasteur Institute1887
RMIT University1887
University at Buffalo/Law School1887
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil14 January 1887
William McKinley4 March 1887
William McKinley4 March 1887
Arthur Balfour7 March 1887
De Beers1888
Utah State University1888
Mahidol University1888
Searle Pharmaceuticals1888
Abertay University1888
New Mexico State University1888
Baker Donelson1888
Financial Times9 January 1888
Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice10 December 1888
Helsingin Sanomat1889
Nathan Rothschild (1st Baron Rothschild)1889
Patrick Joseph Kennedy1889
Patrick Joseph Kennedy1889
Swedish Social Democratic Party1889
University of Idaho1889
University of Fribourg1889
Minister of Agriculture Fisheries and Food1889
Montana/Attorney General1889
Clemson University1889
Elon University1889
UK/Minister/Agriculture and Fisheries1889
University of New Mexico1889
United States Secretary of Agriculture15 February 1889
William McKinley4 March 1889
Benjamin Harrison4 March 1889
Wall Street Journal8 July 1889
Brazil/President15 November 1889
University of Oklahoma1890
1890s1 January 1890
Taft School1890
Secret Elite1890
University of Lausanne1890
University of North Texas1890
University of Tasmania1890
University of Greenwich1890
University of Central Oklahoma1890
University of Chicago1890
William Howard TaftFebruary 1890
David Lloyd George10 April 1890
Wyoming/Senator10 July 1890
Cecil Rhodes17 July 1890
Hotchkiss School1891
Central Washington University1891
Moritz College of Law1891
Robert Koch Institute1891
University of Gothenburg1891
North Greenville University1891
George Fox University1891
University of London/Goldsmiths1891
Edward Douglass White4 March 1891