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Group.png Charterhouse School  
Thomas Sutton statue.jpg
MottoDeo Dante Dedi
("With God giving, I gave")
FounderThomas Sutton
HeadquartersSmithfield, Surrey, England, UK
Type• Public school
• Independent
• day school
• boarding school
Regarded to be among the most prestigious schools in the world due to the school's history and influence

Charterhouse School is a public school located between Hurtmore and Godalming, Surrey, England. The school is one of the nine most prestigious public schools listed in the Public Schools Act of 1868.

The school was founded in London by Thomas Sutton in 1611 on the site of a former Carthusian monastery, in the town of Smithfield. The pupils still bear the name of Carthusians. Originally reserved for boys, Charterhouse welcomed girls from the 1970s.

A 2017 study of entries in Who's Who found that a man born in 1847 was 274 times more likely to be a member of the British elite if he attended one of the top schools (Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Westminister, Charterhouse, Merchant Taylor's, Shrewsbury, St Paul's and Winchester College). In contrast, the youngest men included in the study, born in 1967, were only 67 times more likely to be in the British elite if they attended one of the schools.[1]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Edward Beddington-Behrens2 February 189728 November 1968UKSpook
Deputy Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service for a year during WW2. Attended the 1958 Bilderberg.
William Beveridge5 March 187916 March 1963UKAcademic
Social Scientist
Economist who helped shape welfare state policies and institutions in post-World War II Britain .
Brien Cokayne12 July 18643 November 1932UKCentral bankerGovernor of the Bank of England 1918-1920
Francis Cornish18 May 1942Diplomatspooky British diplomat
Ian Davis10 March 1951UKBusinesspersonEnglish businessman associated with McKinsey & Company. Attended Bilderberg/2013.
Nigel Davis10 March 1951UKLawyer
His brother was a director of Glaxo SmithKline when he sanctioned the withdrawal of legal aid from families who claim their children were damaged by the drug company's MMR vaccine.
David Dimbleby28 October 1938UKJournalistFormer host of the BBC's infamously biased Question Time programme.
Maurice Dobb24 July 190017 August 1976UKEconomistCommunist economist at Cambridge
Thomas Drew26 September 1970UKDiplomat
Spooky British diplomat; Counter-Terrorism and National Security
Mark Garnier26 February 1963UKPolitician
UK MP who attended Le Cercle in Washington DC in 2018
John Gouriet1 June 19354 September 2010UKSoldier
Jeremy Hunt1 November 1966PoliticianHigh profile Tory politician
Osbert LancasterPropagandist
Hartland de M. Molson29 May 190728 September 2002CanadaPoliticianCanadian politician
Niel Morgan30 January 190414 September 1985Propagandist
Archie Norman1 May 1954Politician
Harry Oppenheimer28 October 190819 August 2000BusinesspersonOne of the world's richest men.
Jim Prior11 October 192712 December 2016UKPoliticianConservative British politician squeezed out by Thatcher faction
William Rees-Mogg14 July 192829 December 2012UKJournalist
UK deep state functionary?
Possible UKDSO who attended the 1972 and 1993 Bilderbergs
Dick Taverne18 October 1928UKPoliticianUK politician with deep state connections
Hugh Trevor-Roper15 January 191426 January 2003UKSpook
Jeremy Varcoe20 September 1937DiplomatIn 2004, Jeremy Varcoe was one of 50 former ambassadors who signed a letter to Tony Blair urging him to distance Britain from US policy in the Middle East
Orde Wingate26 February 190324 March 1944UKSoldier
Special forces
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