Galatasaray High School

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Group.png Galatasaray High School  
The main gate to the school.
FounderBayezid II
HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
Type• Public
• Boarding
Oldest high school in Turkey.

Galatasaray High School is the oldest high school in Turkey, established in 1481. It is also the second-oldest Turkish educational institution after Istanbul University, which was established in 1453. As one of the most selective schools in the world, it is often compared to the likes of Eton College in England and Lycée Louis-le-Grand in France.[citation needed] As an Anatolian High School, access to the school is open to all students without discrimination with a high nationwide high school entrance score (approximately top-scoring 0.03% of students across the country). Education consists of a blend of Turkish and French curricula and is provided in both languages.


Education is primarily in French and Turkish. English, Italian and Latin are also taught as second languages. Students who gain admission to Galatasaray High School through the national examination rank in the top 500 students among approximately a million pupils.

Galatasaray, being a boarding school, has a diverse student body, with boys and girls coming from every part of the country. The current curriculum consists of a blend of Turkish and French curricula, plus a number of additional language courses and elective subjects. Courses on Turkish literature, geography, history, ethics, and art are taught in Turkish, while French Literature, philosophy, sociology, mathematics, and science courses use French as the language of instruction. In addition, English is taught in the primary schools from the sixth grade and up, while Italian and Latin are taught in the high school grades.

The association football club Galatasaray S.K. was formed by and named after the institution. The footballers consisted entirely of students of the school during the club's formative years. Galatasaray High School is the progenitor of Galatasaray Community, which includes the football club, its parent Galatasaray Sports Club, and Galatasaray University.


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Burhan Belge1 February 189912 January 1967TurkeyDiplomatTurkish diplomat. First husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, father of Murat Belge
Selahattin Beyazit5 July 193121 January 2022TurkeyBusinesspersonOne of the biggest industrialists in Turkey and member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Mehmet Ali Birand9 December 194117 January 2013TurkeyJournalistTurkish journalist with Milliyet and CNN Türk. Spoke positively of Fethullah Gülen. Attempted framed by intelligence services.
Melih Esenbel191527 July 1995TurkeyDiplomatSingle Bilderberger, Three time Turkish ambassador to the United States
Oğuz Gökmen19162007TurkeyDiplomatTurkish diplomat and ambassador.
İlter Türkmen8 November 1927TurkeyDiplomat
Deep state actor
Son of leader of the Turkish National Security Service (MAH). Bilderberg boost in 1968. Foreign Minister in the military government after the 1980 coup d'etat. Another Bilderberg when the military formally gave back civilian control .
Fatin Rüştü Zorlu20 April 191016 September 1961TurkeyDiplomat
Turkish diplomat and politician executed after the 1960 Turkish coup d'état, along with two other politicians.
Ruşen Çakir25 January 1962TurkeyJournalistPart of the George Soros/ NED network