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A "Holocaust Denier" is a demonising label applied by The establishment to anyone who publicly questions any of the three fundamental tenets of 'The Holocaust'

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A demonising epithet applied by the Establishment to anyone who publicly qestions any of the three fundamental tenets of 'The Holocaust'

A "Holocaust Denier", contrary to what one might infer is not someone who denies that The Holocaust took place, but someone who questions whether it took place as described by the official narrative.

Use by Corporate media

Commercially-controlled media use this term similarly to the way they talk about "Antisemites" or "Nazis", i.e. as a disparaging exonym. It is essentially a rhetorical ad-hominem device to close down debate by demoising its target as somehow 'beyond-the-pale' and thus avoid dealing with substantive issues. Its use on Wikipedia pages dealing with people who publicly question any of the 3 main tenets of 'The Holocaust' is ubiquitous.

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An example

Page nameDescription
File:The Luftl Report.pdfAn Austrian Engineer's Report on the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Mauthausen. It concludes that the Official Narrative claims are technically impossible.


Official examples

Robert Faurisson
Walter Lüftl
Mike Sivier
Wilhelm Stäglich
Ernst Zündel
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