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Group.png King's College School  
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HeadquartersLondon, UK
One of the highest academically performing schools in the UK

King's College School, also known as KCS, King's and KCS Wimbledon, is a selective independent school in Wimbledon, southwest London, England. The school was founded in 1829 as the junior department of King's College London and had part of the school's premises in Strand, prior to relocating to Wimbledon in 1897.

It is a member of the Eton Group of schools. King's is predominately a boys' school with it accepting girls into the sixth form.[1]

King's College School is one of the highest academically performing schools in the UK historically and to date, placing 5th in The Times GCSE Results league table in 2014, and 3rd in its results table for A-Level, IB, and Pre-U.[2] In the 2015 edition of Tatler Schools Guide, it was commented on that "No wonder Oxbridge loves KCS pupils: more than 150 places in the past three years."[3] On 21 November 2014, King's won the title of Sunday Times Independent Secondary School of the Year.[4]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Joseph Ball1 September 188510 July 1961UKSpook
Deep state operative
British spook who forged the Zinoviev Letter to bring down the first British Labour Party government in 1924. "Ball also had a keen understanding of the dark arts of political manipulation, a readiness to use all means at his disposal and an ability to keep himself out of the limelight... he knew how to lie and how to keep a secret."
Walter Layton15 March 188414 February 1966UKPolitician
Deep state operative
The Economist/Editor 1922-38, The Economist/Chair 1944-63
Mark Urban26 January 1961UKAuthor
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