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Employment.png President of the Storting 

DeputyVice President of the Storting
the presiding officer of the Norwegian Parliament the Storting. Usually elected from among the Storting's most experienced representatives.Boss of the Vice President of the Storting.

The President (speaker) of the Storting is the presiding officer of the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting. The presidency is elected for one year (one Storting) at a time when the Storting convenes in the autumn. However, it is common in recent times that the same people are elected each of the four years in a parliamentary term.

The presidency normally reflects the parties' mutual strength and is usually elected from among the Storting's most experienced representatives, often in their last term (s).

Thus the Presidents are often deep state operatives of different importance, some well connected to the military establishment, like Per Hysing-Dahl, Nils Langhelle, Guttorm Hansen and Jørgen Kosmo.


The presidency sets the Storting's agenda. The presidents chair the meetings of the parliament and in this context propose speaking times and the voting order. The Presidency also has a responsibility to ensure that the Storting's processing of cases takes place in accordance with constitutional rules, both in plenary and in the committees. In connection with the chairmanship of the meeting, the president also has an unwritten task of ensuring that the representatives dress appropriately in the Storting and that they do not use "unparliamentary language". The chair of the meeting has a double vote in the event of a tie during the Storting's votes, but this rarely has any practical political significance.

The President of the Storting (optional with the assistance of the Vice Presidents) has several representation duties, both ceremonial and as a host of foreign parliamentary delegations visiting. The President of the Storting is exempt from being a member of any of the Storting's standing committees.

In the event of a change of government, the King shall seek advice from the outgoing Prime Minister on who should be appointed new head of government. However, the King may also seek the advice of the President of the Storting and, where appropriate, the parliamentary leaders.

Period Name(s) Party
2021– Masud Gharahkhani Labour
2021–2021 Eva Kristin Hansen Labour
2018–2021 Tone W. Trøen Conservative
2013–2018 Olemic Thommessen Conservative
2009–2013 Dag Terje Andersen Labour
2005–2009 Torbjørn Jagland Labour
2001–2005 Jørgen Kosmo Labour
1993–2001 Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl Labour
1985–1993 Jo Benkow Conservative
1981–1985 Per Hysing-Dahl Conservative
1973–1981 Guttorm Hansen Labour
1972–1973 Leif Granli Labour
1965–1972 Bernt Ingvaldsen Conservative
1961–1965 Nils Langhelle Labour
1958–1961 Nils Langhelle,
Oscar Torp
1953–1957 Oscar Torp,
Einar Gerhardsen
1949–1953 Gustav Natvig-Pedersen Labour
1945–1949 Gustav Natvig-Pedersen,
Fredrik Monsen
1945 Carl Joachim Hambro Conservative


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Thorbjørn Jagland10 October 200530 September 2009
Jørgen Kosmo9 October 200130 September 2005
Per Hysing-Dahl19811985
Einar Gerhardsen16 January 195422 January 1955
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