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U.S. Military Academy Coat of Arms.svg
Motto Duty • Honor • Country
Type U.S. Service Academy
Other name Black Knights


Alumni on Wikispooks

Keith B. Alexander2 December 1951SpookChief of the NSA, infamous for his mendacious denials regarding the illegal mass surveillance of US citizens.
Omar Bradley12 February 18938 April 1981Soldier
Karl Eikenberry10 November 1951USSoldier
Andrew Goodpaster12 February 191516 May 2005
Frank Kendall III26 January 1949Army engineer
Robert M. Kimmitt19 December 1947Politician
Douglas Lute3 November 1952Soldier
Stanley McChrystal14 August 1954Soldier
H. R. McMaster24 July 1962Soldier
H.R. McMaster24 July 1962Soldier
National Security Advisor (United States)
David Petraeus7 November 1952
Mike Pompeo30 December 1963
Fidel Ramos18 March 1928Politician
President of the Philippines
Secretary of National Defense
Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Chief of the Philippine Constabulary
Dieter A. Schmidt1999Spook
Brent Scowcroft19 March 1925SpookBush family friend, twice National Security Advisor
Richard Secord6 July 1932
Paul E. VallelySoldier


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