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Group.png University of Liège  
University of Liege arms.png
HeadquartersLiège, Wallonia, Belgium
TypePublic university of the French Community of Belgium
French-speaking university in Belgium

The University of Liège (Université de Liège) is a major public university of the French Community of Belgium based in Liège, Wallonia, Belgium. Its official language is French.


The University was founded in 1817 by William I of the Netherlands, then King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, and by his Minister of Education, Anton Reinhard Falck. The foundation of the university was the result of a long intellectual tradition which dates back to the origins of the Prince-Bishopric of Liège. Beginning in the eleventh century, the influence of the principality attracted students and prominent scientists and philosophers, such as Petrarch, to study in its libraries. The reputation of its medieval schools gave the city the reputation as "a new Athens.[1]

A 17 March 1808 decree by Napoleon I concerning the organization of an imperial university indicated Liège as the site of a new academy to be composed of a Faculty of Arts and a Faculty of Science—the first university charter for Liège. Ultimately, Liège owes its university to William I of the Netherlands, who remembered the city's prestigious legacy of teaching and culture when he decided to establish a new university on Walloon soil.

Nearly 200 years later, settled to some extent in the Sart-Tilman district of Liège, the University of Liège belongs to the French community of Belgium. The University is located at the edge of the River Meuse, in the center of the Island, the Latin Quarter of Liège. In 2009, the Agronomical University of Gembloux (FUSAGx), based in Gembloux, in the Province of Namur, integrated ULiège. It has adopted a new name for academics as well as research, namely Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.


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