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Member ofInternational Free Press Society
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Employment.png Senior Vice President for Policy and Program Management

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? - 2011?
EmployerCenter for Security Policy
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Christine Brim was Senior Vice President for Policy and Program Management at the Center for Security Policy and wrote for them until January 2011.[1] She was also executive director for the Victory Coalition Fund, "an incubator for new projects working against Islamism." Before joining the Center for Security Policy, Brim was a senior associate at the Lexington Institute and the Center for Vigilant Freedom. She received her MBA from George Mason University.[2]

The website of the Center for Vigilant Freedom (which now redirects to the rebranded International Civil Liberties Alliance) was registered to Brim, who gave an email address at the Envoy Group, a private company based in Brim's town of Fairfax, Virginia. [3]

In a November 2007 article, Brim commented on a Haaretz article about Jewish support for Jean-Marie Le Pen. She noted that the Center for Vigilant Freedom had not invited Le Pen to the recent CounterJihad conference, because of his "current and past positions on Israel, the Holocaust and anti-semitism."

We suggest looking for the possible movement of Le Pen’s political party Front National towards the center-right, as they may change their platform to pro-active support to improve the situations of European Jews and Israel. The same trend is happening in Austria, and with the BNP in the UK (also not invited and did not attend the conference). If such parties specifically state pro-Israel positions, and take real actions opposing anti-semitism and disavowing previous positions - and reach out to Jewish constituents and encourage Jewish participation in party positions - these are real actions to observe, and to approve. They have not done this yet - but are starting.[4]

Envoy Group

According to the Jigsaw Contacts Database, Brim is the owner and CEO of the company. [5] According to Zoom Information Inc, the President of Envoy Group is/was Dr. Thomas Blau (the information is current as of 30 May 2005). The contact details given for Blau included a webpage of the now defunct International Commerce and Policy Program at George Mason University. [6]

As of June 2000, the company's website described Brim as a specialist in information technology:

Christine Brim provides expertise in Web strategy, networking technologies, knowledge based systems, distance education, telecommunications, marketing and sales automation, and ROI analysis for intranets/extranets. She has consulted on intranet management and planning for state, regional and local government agencies. She previously was a manager at AT&T and Computer Sciences Corporation. In addition to an MBA, she is an IAKE certified knowledge engineer.[7]

By December 2002 she was listed as the Envoy Group's president on the company's website, with Blau becoming research director.[8] Thomas Blau is now the Director of National Security and Process Department at the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defence University. [9]


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