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Group.png University of Basel  
University of Basel Logo.png
Formation4 April 1460
HeadquartersBasel, Switzerland
Traditionally counted among the leading institutions of higher learning in Switzerland

The University of Basel is a university in Basel, Switzerland. Founded on 4 April 1460, it is Switzerland's oldest university and among the world's oldest surviving universities. The university is traditionally counted among the leading institutions of higher learning in the country.[1]

The associated Basel University Library is the largest and among the most important libraries in Switzerland. The university hosts the faculties of theology, law, medicine, humanities and social sciences, science, psychology, and business and economics, as well as numerous cross-disciplinary subjects and institutes, such as the Biozentrum for biomedical research and the Institute for European Global Studies. In 2020, the University had 13,139 students and 378 professors. International students accounted for 27 percent of the student body.[2]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Franz Blankart27 November 193617 January 2021SwitzerlandDiplomatSwiss diplomat who attended the 1988 Bilderberg meeting as head of the Federal Office for Foreign Trade.
Carl Burckhardt10 September 18913 March 1974SwitzerlandDiplomat
President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (1945–48), where he assisted Germans wanted for war crimes escape to South America. September 1955 and 1956 Bilderberg meetings.
Andreas Gerwig10 November 192830 April 2014SwitzerlandPoliticianInfluential Swiss Social Democratic politician
Felix Gutzwiller22 February 1948SwitzerlandPolitician
Swiss Bilderberger public health leader. In March 2020 was on TV answering public questions about COVID-19
F. Emmanuel Iselin27 September 191421 June 1986SwitzerlandSoldier
Single Bilderberger. Swiss General Staff, then President of Bâloise, the third biggest Swiss insurance company.
Alex KrauerJune 19315 December 2021SwitzerlandBusinesspersonFormer Bilderberg Steering committee, Honorary Chairman of Novartis AG.
Beatrice Weder di Mauro3 August 1965Italy
AcademicInternational Monetary Fund, World Bank, advisor to German Chancellors Gerhard Schroeder and Merkel. World Economic Forum. Etc.
Mateusz Morawiecki20 June 1968PolandPolitician
Prime Minister of Poland 2017-2023, plenty of MSC meetings and WEF AGMs
Heinrich Oswald15 May 19176 March 2008SwitzerlandSoldier
Swiss manager and officer who attended Bilderberg/1981 as Chairman the Ringier media group
Rolf Soiron31 January 1945SwitzerlandBusinesspersonOne of the most important business leaders in Switzerland. Former Chairman (2005–2018) of the Board of Directors of Lonza, a company closely tied to the World Economic Forum and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines.
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