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Employment.png Mozambique/Governor general 
(Colonial governor)

StartSeptember 1505
End25 June 1975
Leader ofMozambique
The governor of the Portuguese colony of Mozambique

The governor of the Portuguese colony of Mozambique 1505-1975.

According to the official policy of the Salazar government from the 1930s onwards, Mozambique was claimed as an integral part of the "pluricontinental and multiracial nation" of Portugal, as was done in all of its colonies to Europeanise the local population and assimilate them into Portuguese culture. This policy was largely unsuccessful, however, and African opposition to colonisation led to a ten-year independence war that culminated in the Carnation Revolution at Lisbon in April 1974 and the independence from Portugal in June 1975.

Manoel Sarmento Rodrigues, who attended the 1959 and 1960 Bilderberg meetings, enacted widespread reform in the colony, The legal segregation regime was abolished in 1960. From then on, all Africans were considered Portuguese citizens, and racial discrimination became a sociological rather than a legal feature of colonial society.


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