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(activist, editor)
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Alma materUniversity of Glasgow
Owner ofMedia Lens

David Cromwell is a Media Lens editor. He was born in Glasgow, studied natural philosophy and astronomy, then a PhD in solar physics. He did a spell with Shell in the Netherlands, then a research position in oceanography in Southampton; left in 2010 to work full-time on Media Lens; author of Why Are We The Good Guys? (Zero Books, 2012); co-author, with David Edwards, of two Media Lens books: Guardians of Power (Pluto Books, 2006) and Newspeak In the 21st Century (Pluto Books, 2009); author of Private Planet (Jon Carpenter Publishing, 2001); co-editor, with Mark Levene, of Surviving Climate Change (Pluto Books, 2007). [1]


Documents by David Cromwell

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:BBC Bombastarticle11 July 2011BBC/PropagandaAn authoritative run-down on BBC News as a model propaganda mouthpiece for the dominant establishment narrative of UK foreign policy initiatives and involvements abroad. The article provides startling chapter and verse on a number of recent examples
Document:Gaslighting The Public: Serial Deceptions By The State-Corporate MediaArticleBoris Johnson
Laura Kuenssberg
Nick Robinson
Robert Peston
James Hansen
Climate crisis
John Schellnhuber
Other than the ever-present risk of nuclear war, there is no greater threat to humanity than the climate crisis. And there is no more damning example of gaslighting by state-corporate media when they tell us we can trust governments and corporations to do what is required to avert catastrophe.
Document:The Dominant Grand Narrative Of Our Timearticle27 January 2014Propaganda
Corporate media
André Vltchek
Mainstream media spokesmen, journalists and reporters are corralled into supporting and promoting the Establishment 'Dominant Grand-Narrative of our Time' while most appear blissfully unaware of the gross deceptions their careers are harnessed too - 'a man cannot see what his livelihood requires him NOT to see' - as the saying goes
Document:The Propaganda Modelarticle5 October 2011Propaganda
Corporate media
An overview of the 'Propaganda Model' that accurately defines the nature of the western mainstream media. It also illustrates why "Commercially Controlled Media" is probably a better and more accurate term


  1. Media Lens - About us January 2014