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"The Blog From Nazareth"
Founder: Jonathan Cook

Founder/Owner: Jonathan Cook
Constitutes: independent media

Jonathan Cook is an award-winning British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, since 2001, and publishes his articles and blog posts at


Documents sourced from Jonathan Cook/Website

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:A dissenting opinion on Nelson MandelaarticleNelson Mandela6 December 2013Jonathan Cook
Document:Abuses show Assange case was never about lawblog postUnited Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
Emma Arbuthnot
Julian Assange/Imprisonment
27 May 2019Jonathan CookCraig Murray says: "As a summary of the truly breathtaking series of legal abuses by states against Julian Assange, that the corporate and state media has been deliberately distorting and hiding for a decade, this excellent account by Jonathan Cook cannot be bettered."
Document:Antisemitism threats will keep destroying Labourblog post"Antisemitism"
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Jeremy Corbyn
Owen Jones
Jewish Labour Movement
Jewish Voice for Labour
2020 Labour Party leadership contest
12 February 2020Jonathan CookIf we are only allowed to gently chide Israel in ways that cannot meaningfully advance Palestinian rights, if we are prevented from discussing the strategies of staunchly pro-Israel lobbyists to silence Israel’s critics, if we are denied the right to push for an international boycott of Israel of the kind that helped blacks in South Africa end their own oppression, then nothing is going to change for the Palestinians.
Document:George Monbiot’s excuses for not speaking out loudly in defence of Assange simply won’t washblog postThe Guardian
George Monbiot
David Leigh
Julian Assange/Imprisonment
6 October 2020Jonathan CookThe war on Julian Assange has not only been a war on journalism. It is also a war on the whistleblowers who have assisted journalists and Wikileaks in arriving at the truth. Hanging on the outcome of Assange’s case is not only his personal fate, but journalism’s very ability to tap into sources close to the centres of power. In abandoning Assange, we abandon any hope of finding out the truth on a whole range of the most pressing issues facing us.
Document:Labour's next leader has already betrayed the leftblog postBoard of Deputies of British Jews
Labour Friends of Israel
Jeremy Corbyn
Keir Starmer
Jewish Labour Movement
Rebecca Long-Bailey
2020 Labour Party leadership contest
Lisa Nandy
21 February 2020Jonathan CookThe next Leader of the Labour Party is already a prisoner to the "institutional antisemitism" narrative. That means their hands are chained not only to support for Israel, but to the reactionary politics in which Israel as a Jewish state makes sense – a worldview that embraces its style of ethnic, chauvinist, militaristic, segregationist politics.
Document:More Guardian ‘brainwashing’ on PutincommentaryCorporate media
2014 Ukraine coup
24 March 2014Jonathan CookA master-class in how the celebrated 'Free-Press' of the Western commercially controlled media is harnessed to the narrative requirements of the Establishments of which they are a part, turning them into little more than propaganda organs where major foreign policy issues are concerned.
Document:No fair hearing for Assange at the GuardianarticleWikileaks
Julian Assange
Corporate media
The Guardian
United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
5 February 2016Jonathan CookDemonstrates the Establishment-friendly double standards of the UK's flagship 'Left-wing' newspaper - The Guardian - through analysis of its coverage of a UN decision on the political asylum of Julian Assange
Document:The Dangerous Cult of The Guardianarticle"Antisemitism"
The Guardian
28 September 2011Jonathan CookCriticism of The Guardian's policy on censorship of topics including "anti-semitism" and Wikileaks
Document:The EHRC’s report into Labour antisemitism is the real ‘political interference’blog postBoard of Deputies of British Jews
Boris Johnson
Jonathan Freedland
Jeremy Corbyn
Joan Ryan
Ken Livingstone
Keir Starmer
Jewish Labour Movement
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Ephraim Mirvis
Pam Bromley
7 November 2020Jonathan CookIt is instructive to compare the certainty with which the EHRC treats Councillor Pam Bromley’s ambiguous remarks as irrefutable proof of antisemitism in Labour with its complete disregard for unmistakably antisemitic comments from Boris Johnson, the man actually running the country. That lack of concern is shared, of course, by the establishment media and Jewish leadership organisations.
Document:The deeper truths journalists are blind toarticleCorporate media21 February 2016Jonathan CookCorporate media is constitutionally incapable of honest objective reporting on matters affecting the vital interests of Establishment power
Document:The plot to keep Corbyn out of powerblog postJeremy Hunt
Boris Johnson
Jeremy Corbyn
Mike Pompeo
Chris Williamson
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Russell Brand
3 July 2019Jonathan CookThe weaponisation of anti-semitism against Corbyn has become so normal that, even while I was writing this post, a new nadir was reached. Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary who hopes to defeat Boris Johnson in the upcoming Tory leadership race, as good as accused Corbyn of being a new Hitler, a man who as prime minister might allow Jews to be exterminated, just as occurred in the Nazi death camps.
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