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Democraic Party-leaning website owned by billionaire Barry Diller.

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Started: 6 October 2008

Owners: IAC, Barry Diller

The Daily Beast is an online news site leaning towards the Democratic Party.

It is one of more than 150 brands and products owned by the IAC corporation[1], whose Chairman is the billionaire Barry Diller[2], making independent analyst Eric Zuesse observe "Democrats are deceived in basically the same way that Republicans are, but by a different group of billionaires".... "The site considers Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, etc., to be enemies of America; and Israel, Poland, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc., to be America’s allies. They don’t say why, but they do."[3]

Reaching more than one million readers a day, The Beast continues to buck declining publishing trends with 65 percent revenue growth in 2018.[4].


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Zach Vorhies“As a trained scientist I have a multifaceted view of the world based on evidence and fact. Therefore any claim that someone has fringe beliefs or theories should be checked against http://trends.google.com and see what the views of the rest of america are and what they search for. They may find that many beliefs that are slandered as fringe are actually mainstream beliefs of we-the-people.”Zach Vorhies


A document sourced from Daily Beast

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)
Document:America’s Secret Libya Warwebpage2011 Attacks on Libya30 August 2011John Barry
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